Jujimufu Front Squat

Jujimufu Destroys 520lb Front Squat For New PR!


Jon call, which is also known as Jujimufu, participated in his first powerlifting competition.

After competing in the competition, he is now training in the gym to build his strength and attempting some personal records.

Jujimufu runs a YouTube channel and uploads fitness training videos to educate the audience.

After he participated in America’s Got Talent, he gained immense popularity, and his YouTube subscribers crossed 1million subscribers.

Jujimufu Front Squat

His audience and fans love his flexibility and strength.

He is growing his fitness strength day by day.

He decided to test his abilities and strength and participated in his first-ever competition of powerlifting.

Though he has once appeared in a deadlifting event, this time, he appeared in a high-level competition.

He appeared at Hybrid Showdown II that was held the previous weekend.

He attempted all three lifts.

He was successful in eight attempts out of nine attempts.

His total score was 1736.1lb.

His scores were 666.9lb squat, 402.3lb bench, and 666.9lb deadlift.

Not to forget, he did all this with an injured arm.

Jujimufu performed very well, and he was able to earn third place in his weight division.

That is too good for someone who has appeared the first time in a high-level competition.

It provided a great boost to his competition.

It certainly was a great performance from him, and he felt a sense of accomplishment.

Right after the competition, Jujimufu is back in the back, and he has started heavy training.

In his recent Instagram post, Jujimufu told the fans that he is back in the gym and working on his front squat.

Even though his body is still under the effects of powerlifting in the competition, he did manage to lift a massive 520lb front squat.

Jujimufu 520lb front squat is a new personal record for him.

In his Instagram video, he can be seen performing a front squat.

He mentioned that he’s doing front squat for the first time in almost 2 months.

Jujimufu 520lb front squat is a new personal record for him.

This is not something ordinary from him.

The standout reason why Jujimufu 520lb’s front squat is very impressive is that he hasn’t performed this exercise even once in the last 2 months.

Check Out Jujimufu Front Squat Video

FRONT SQUAT PR! 520 lbs (236 kgs). Have not done this lift in 2 months and this is a 70 lb PR! I got some carryover gains from all the backsquat training I did for the powerlifting meet I just completed. COOL!!!!!!

Though he said that this front squat is because of his confidence boost from the competition, this is not the only reason.

Jujimufu was training hard for a good period now, and his increased strength made him attempt this personal record.

His improved strength is the reason what made him set this personal record.

Jujimufu 520lb’s front squat is an exciting feature of his strength and abilities.

It will be exciting to watch if he continues to compete in powerlifting.

His first appearance at a high-level competition was very well, and it will be no surprise if he keeps improving.

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