Jujimufu Larry Wheels In Arm Wrestling

Jujimufu Shares Secrets To Beating Larry Wheels In Arm Wrestling


Jujimufu is all set to beat Larry Wheels in arm wrestling, let’s find out more about it.

Jujimufu is known for trying various types of fitness challenges.

Now this time, he is all ready for the wrestling match against the powerlifting beast, Larry Wheels, and the best thing is he knows how to get title to his name.

One of the famous fitness pros on YouTube, Jujimufu has gained years of experience in fitness and training.

People love to watch him doing a variety of different sports activities, whether powerlifting or gymnastics.

He is known for his great skills and challenges and has been trying to figure out the amazing ways to beat Larry.

Jujimufu Larry Wheels In Arm Wrestling

Even in his recent YouTube video, he is sharing the ideas of training and discussing the plans to beat the Larry Wheels.

However, according to his and partner Tom’s analyses, Larry lacks his strength while arm wrestling.

That’s why Juji is focusing on getting stronger so that he can easily beat Larry.

The competition would start with some trap bar deadlifts, with the only goal to lift more than they think Larry can lift.

After that, the aim is to move to arm wrestling station, where they will work on the different tactics and techniques to get the win, before even using the Grip Genie to build the body mass the needed for the best arm wrestling.

Jujimufu and his trainer finish up doing various things, like focusing on barbell curls, while at the other side, tom did some cable pulldowns.

In the end, they took an ice bath to the hot tub and then back.

Undoubtedly, it was the most difficult workout session from Jujimufu.

He also explained that this video had been shot before the global epidemic, and then, unfortunately, the contest got postponed.

But at the time when there was hope for the event to be placed, everyone was excited to see who will be the winner.

Jujimufu Shares And Larry Wheels – Arm Wrestling

How Jujimufu Beats Larry Wheels in ARM WRESTLING

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