Keone Pearson 212

Keone Pearson Looks Irresistible Ahead Of 212 Debut


Keone Pearson Looks Unstoppable For 212 Debut!

Yes, Keone is looking forward to making his amazing debut in the new bodybuilding division later in 2020.

He is in preparation for this superb challenging, and by seeing his physique, it seems that he is taking this challenge very seriously.

His body looks fantastic!

Keone Pearson looks beefed up for competing at the championship as a Classic Physique bodybuilder.

He is doing fairly well for it, and even he scored 4th in his Olympia debut last year.

Keone Pearson 212

That is something which makes everyone interested in watching his career, full of achievements.

Undoubtedly, he has shown serious promise as a Classic Physique competitor.

However, that’s why all of his fans were left in great shock when he announced that he would be moving up to the 212 Division for all his future contests.

Keone quoted troubles making the 180lb limit as one the biggest reasons for this change.

He mentioned that his big body is growing naturally as he ages, so he really wants to keep it fit.

During this global epidemic, Keone’s ability to make his 212 debuts has apparently been delayed.

But it seems that that global catastrophe has no effect on him, and he is focused on the task at hand.

You can find out his Instagram’s post in which he is showing off his great progress, and it seems that he is all ready to make that debut.


No gym for 5 days . Eating 6 meals a day. 0 cardio . Still floating around 208lbs but @pjbraunfitness came with a game plan for me to break through this weight plateau. So this will be fun!!

Despite he is looking a bit underweight, but he is doing great, the amazing growth is evident.

Especially if you compare his physique to about a week, he is working insanely to improve his body shape alongside his trainer PJ Braun.

Let’s finger cross and wait to see if Keone would be able to make his great 212 debuts this year not.

But one thing is sure, and that is he is doing his best to get fully prepared to make his best debut at the competition.

Just by judging for his current look will not be a great thing.

We believe in a couple of few days, he would be able to get his jacked body, and can surely make a big impression.

Stay connected with us to learn more about Keone Pearson’s unstoppable workout to beat the 212 debuts.

His physique looks awesome for now and will be more built mass.

So stay connected with us to get more information on this.

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