Kirill Tereshin synthol

Kirill Tereshin, The “Synthol Kid” Gets Injections In His Cheeks!


Most of us are familiar with Kirill Tereshin, a boy who is known as “Synthol Kid” because he has injected Synthol in his arms.

The “Synthol Kid” has again started taking Synthol injections.

Kirill Tereshin, The “Synthol Kid” Gets Injections In His Cheeks! 1

This time it is not in his arms but his cheeks.

Kirill Tereshin’s cheeks were skin, and now his cheeks have also become fluffy like his arms.

He gained some internet notoriety in the last few years.

Check Out Kirill Tereshin’s Cheeks Synthol Injection!

To get rid of his skinny body, he injected Synthol oil substance in his arms.

People started calling him the “Synthol Kid” and also refer to him as real-life Popeye.

He injected Synthol in his biceps, and they look cartoonish.

After getting some fame, he started looking for more ways to gain more popularity.

Due to using some inappropriate means to build his body, he got himself in trouble.

The Synthol injections started showing side effects, and he had to go through surgery to remove the injections.

People warned him that regular use of Synthol injections would pose some serious threats to his health.

He has ignored all the warnings and decide to continue using Synthol injections, and this time he gets them injected in his cheeks.

Kirill Tereshin cheeks have got bigger than before after taking these injections.

The doctors who performed previous surgery to remove Synthol from his biceps told that he didn’t use typical Synthol.

A petroleum jelly based substance was used that caused health complications.

He could face health complications if he has used the same substance again.

Kirill Tereshin revealed that it didn’t give him any strength or benefits apart from being a visual thing.

It is hard to understand why he used Synthol to get bigger biceps and now.

The purpose behind Kirill Tereshin cheeks injections is also hard to understand.

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