Larry Wheels indoor training

Larry Wheels Does Breathtaking Workout With His Couch During Indoor Training


Do you know what?

Larry Wheels is working really hard to beat the boredom that has come up with Quarantine!

Let’s find out what he is doing to keep himself, and his fans motivated.

Larry Wheels indoor training

Larry Wheels uses his couch to press and curl while staying at his place.

Larry Wheels is undoubtedly not one of those who can easily quit on their ambitions, and so he is doing.

A simple coronavirus has failed to stop him from getting gains.

Although he is unable to hit the gym, that doesn’t have stopped him from workouts.

Larry is amazingly strong and known for his great abilities.

Check Out Larry Wheels Using The couch For His Home Workout

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When boredom strikes! @teampersonalrecord

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He is focused on improving his physique. So you will always find him hitting the gym, and trying to break his own set records.

But he is good at what he does and known for breaking his own records.

As he is now forced indoors, Larry has decided to break another personal record.

Yes, but this time it wouldn’t include the use of barbells, but a couch to perform some overhead presses and bicep curls.

Well, it may seem a heavyweight lift to some, but nothing is impossible.

It will not be wrong if we say boredom is real for him, but luckily he has found a solution for it.

It is super tough to stay motivated during these days, but he was capable of breaking that continuous ripple of boredom.

However, he was not the one who has gone this far to break the chain of apathy, but we have found Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead doing the same.

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I NEVER thought I’d see the day of an at home workout? Desperate times… For real though gyms are being shut down world wide and the gym is not only about gains, but it’s a stress reliever, something we need now more than ever. I’ve put together a new program on the @cbumfitness training app for minimal equipment/at home sessions that will be launching tomorrow. All you’ll really need are things like a broom, back pack, books, a couch, suitcase, etc… And I’ll be around in the Facebook group to answer any questions. Link is in my bio?? These are definitely worrisome times, but there’s plenty of things we can still do to keep anxiety low and gains high. Physical health is extremely correlated to mental health, be aware of that, be safe, and look out for other members of your community who may be struggling.

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He approached for the same technique, but he used more than just a couch for the proper full-body workout.

On the other hand, Chris Bumstead foes Larry Wheels with all his ability to use the couch most effectively. However, for this, he went to another level by putting his stuff in the backpack.

Moreover, he used a broom to perform curls.

Along with that, he also used his luggage to make his workout better.

So far, so now what we have concluded is, both of them have done their best to break their boredom without breaking in the gym.

Both deserve great applause for utilizing the free time at home doing something productive on their own.

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