Larry Wheels Hits 650lb

Larry Wheels Hits 650lb Paused Bench PR And 673lb Bench With Bands


Larry Wheels is super ready for the Arnold Sports Festival, which is going to held in a couple of weeks.

Larry Wheels bench press numbers have gradually increased, ahead of his contest.

Larry Wheels Hits 650lb

He is known as a record beater, and he wants to continue with this trend over the weekend, which is why he is all set for the Arnold Sports Festival in two weeks.

While other competitors are focusing on traditional training, Larry has decided to go for another approach.

In the recent day, he has been looking dull, but now he has started to peak, which is why he has posted his recent video to Instagram hitting a gigantic 650lb paused bench press.

While most competitors are following a traditional and strict training plan, but Larry wants to do something more and different.

He recently crushes PR, but surely he was not much satisfied.

Larry Wheels also used YouTube to showcase his training sessions with a video outlining his training. So yes, he has decided to beat through a 673lb bench press by merely using reverse bands.

Check Out Larry Wheels Raw Bench with Bands


As he explains in his video, Wheels is super bad at sticking to a gameplan, and so not getting burned out before meets. But he also says he is quite disciplined, and so can’t help himself from hitting a new PR, and even bench press.

Maybe Larry was not feeling good about not having outstanding performances in the lead up to this meet. But Wheels explained he explained his anabolics later than usual, and so now he is starting to beat out at the competition.

But whatever is, Larry looks stunningly big and super powerful leading up to the competition— Arnold. So yes, it is going to be super exciting to look at him in Columbus next month.

It seems that he will break all his previous records.

You can also check his Indoor Training hacks.

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