Does Layne Norton Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Last edited: April 4, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

Have you ever noticed how obvious it is that certain bodybuilders are on steroids?

You don’t need to ask if they’re on steroids.

Nor do you need to see a proof?

As their physiques often give them away right off the bat.

Layne Norton however, is not one of those bodybuilders.

People often wonder ‘does Layne Norton take steroids or is he natural?’

And that is what we are going to attempt to find out in today’s article.

You see, Layne has encountered a lot of criticism over the years.

And online he sure as heck has a great many haters.

People seem determined to out him as a fraud to the natural bodybuilding community.

But do they have a point or are they nothing more than vicious trolls with an ax to grind?

Well, that’s what we’re going to attempt to find out today.

Today we are going to be looking at does Layne Norton take steroids or is he natural.

As we learn more about Layne.

His an apparent passion for natural bodybuilding, his physique.

And whether he is legit or if he is frauding about being natural.

So, let’s now learn more about Layne and attempt to get to the truth once and for all.

But, before we proceed any further.

It’s important that we get the legal stuff out of the way first.

The content of this article is based purely on speculation on our part.

The article you are about to read is based on hearsay and personal opinion and should not be considered as factually correct.

We do not know for certain whether Layne Norton is natural or whether he has ever used steroids.

And, in all honesty, we probably never will.

We don’t condone steroid use, nor do we persecute those that happen to use them either.

So, with that said, let’s find out more about the polarizing figure that is Layne Norton.

Who Is Layne Norton?

Layne Norton is very well known as respected in the bodybuilding world.

As he is a man of science, and no, we don’t mean bro-science.

Layne Norton, or should that be Dr. Layne Norton, holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science and is one of the most informed individuals in all of bodybuilding.

He regularly writes articles on columns over on and has been featured on numerous other websites, also he's the PHAT workout owner.

And in countless other magazines and blogging sites.

He not only learns about the body.

But he also builds him, and he has one of the best ‘natural’ physiques in the business.

You’ll note the use of inverted commas in the word ‘natural’ which is due to the fact that many believe him to be lying about being natural.

Due largely to the fact that he has a better physique than many bodybuilders out there who have openly admitted to using steroids in the past.

Because of this, a great many people online.

And in the fitness industry, believe Layne to be lying about his claims of being a natural bodybuilder.

Layne not only competes as a bodybuilder.

But he has also tried his hand at powerlifting and is a pretty strong dude in all honesty.

His fans appreciate his no BS approach to writing content for

Where he lays it all on the line and speaks from the heart.

He doesn’t just spurt out generic info sourced by Google.

He backs up his claims with real evidence and explains the ins and outs of what he’s talking about in general.

Because of this, his bodybuilding and powerlifting articles on the site have been very well received.

Layne’s Stats

One reason why so many people claim that Layne is on juice is the fact that the dude is so big and so strong.

He is bigger and stronger than many juiceheads, and when he competes.

His physique and conditioning are also to be admired.

Layne stands at around 5ft 10 inches in height and weights in at around 230 pounds in the off-season.

When he steps on stage to compete.

He normally diets down to 195 pounds or so.

These stats are very impressive for a bodybuilder on steroids.

So for Layne, who is apparently natural, this makes them even more impressive.

It isn’t just his physique that is impressive however, his strength is also to be admired.

His best deadlift is currently 700 pounds, his best squat is 617 pounds.

And his best bench press is 386 pounds.

These stats compared with the pros are hugely impressive.

Layne is stronger than many pros, and bigger than some as well.

In fact, Layne is bigger than a former Mr. Olympia named Frank Zane.

Who was the first man to win the title under the weight of 200 pounds!

Frank competed at 185 – 190 pounds, and was an inch shorter than Layne.

What’s especially interesting is that Frank has gone on record as saying that he used steroids in the past.

So does this mean that Layne must be on steroids to be so similar in size to Frank as well?

Absolutely not, but that info certainly could prove useful.

Does Layne Claim Natty?

One guaranteed way to get under the skin of bodybuilders, bodybuilding fans, and those of the fitness community.

Is to claim to be natural when it is widely believed that you are on steroids.

That, however, is what Layne has done again and again and in fact.

Layne is arguably the most-famous natural bodybuilder of all time.

But has Layne ever publicly claimed to be natural?

Yes, he has.

If you read his bio, you’ll see that it claims that he is natty.

There are also numerous interviews that have been conducted with Layne.

Both written and on video, in which Layne claims to be natural from his own mouth and with his own two hands.

Does Layne Norton Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Why So Much Hate?

There are some bodybuilders that get under the skin of people because of the way they act.

These bodybuilders are rude, arrogant, selfish, and generally just act like douchebags.

Layne however, appears to be polite, friendly.

And the well-informed dude that keeps himself to himself, for the most part, so why so much hate?

Well, there are some bodybuilders and influencers in the fitness community, that think Layne is condescending and has somewhat of a god complex.

They also feel that he somehow thinks he is better than everybody else because of the fact that he claims to be natural.

Others simply think he is full of crap.

Layne Norton has broken records in powerlifting set by lifters on hundreds of milligrams of trenbolone.

Yet they are supposed to believe that Layne is natural and has superhuman strength?

Others hate him because he appears to be so against steroid use.

So any steroid users out there feel as if he is personally attacking them.

He also never seems to want to admit he is wrong and is quick to bring up the fact that he has a Ph.D.

He even once tried to claim that he was somewhat better informed on the topic of bodybuilding than former Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates.

Dorian stated that, rather than books and scientific studies.

He simply listened to his body and did what worked well for him in the gym.

Layne however, was having none of that and was adamant that he was right and Dorian.

And anybody else that agreed with Dorian, was wrong.

Alright, so Does Layne Norton Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Now is the time to take a look at whether Layne Norton may have in fact used steroids.

Or if he still uses steroids, or if he is, in fact, natural like he claims.

We will now look at a few pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use on Layne’s part.

Remember, this is just our opinion.

So the final verdict should not be considered as the gospel truth, whatever we decide.

He Claims Natty

First up we’ll look at the fact that Layne has been so adamant that he is in fact natural, rather than on steroids.

Some bodybuilders become extremely uncomfortable when the subject of steroids is brought up, and they will do anything in their power to change the subject and not answer the question.

Layne however, is not afraid to talk about steroids.

In fact, he regularly writes blogs about steroid use and his own steroid accusations over on his own website.

His bio states that he is natural, and he has gone on record as saying he is natural and that he has passed multiple drugs tests in the past.

Layne has made somewhat of a career out of looking so amazing for being apparently natural.

And for being so strong for natty.

So it is of course in his best interests to claim natural.

Otherwise, his physique and his accomplishments look somewhat average in amongst the sea of steroid users out there.

He Has Passed Drugs Tests

Okay, this certainly works in Layne’s favor because he has passed multiple drugs tests in the past, as he has competed at many natural shows.

Now, we aren’t saying that all drug tested shows are questionable, but certain organizations are.

You see, some tell the athletes when they will be tested, so on paper.

They can easily plan a cycle and have it end in plenty of time to still be in shape, but to have no gear in their systems before they are tested.

What’s more, having passed a drugs test in the past does not automatically prove that you are therefore forever natural.

Sure, Layne did pass tests in the past.

But what’s to say that he didn’t jump on a cycle the second he got his results back?

This is obviously a very pessimistic outlook to have.

But it is certainly a possibility.

His Transformation

If you want to get a good idea of if a person has used steroids, just check out their transformation.

Layne’s transformation is very impressive.

As he gained a good 50 pounds of muscle over the course of several years, Such as Julian Smith.

He was a skinny kid before, but after he was a big jacked guy.

Layne didn’t look like he lifted in his before pictures.

But in the after pictures, he looks like he’s been lifting for decades.

The transformation took place over several years.

Even so, to gain that amount of muscle naturally would be a big ask.

Even if you were dedicated beyond belief, which Layne clearly is.

Does Layne Norton Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?


Layne Norton, as well as bodybuilding.

Also does powerlifting and is a very strong dude.

We listed his lifts previously in this article and stated that he has set new powerlifting records.

He set a National Record for deadlifting when he deadlifted 668 pounds, and all of this was while claiming to be natural.

The American Powerlifting Federation, or APF, does NOT drug test.

So theoretically, everybody could be on steroids while competing, and there would be no repercussions.

Does Layne Norton Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

We are, however, supposed to believe that Layne beat records set by juiced up powerlifters?

Hmm, we can’t see that happening so that may be a tick for the ‘on steroids’ category.

The Verdict

So, does Layne Norton take steroids or is he natural?

Well, now it is time for the moment of truth as we will now look at whether we think Layne is natural.

Or if he has used steroids.

Based upon what we know about steroids, we believe that Layne MAY have used steroids in the past to bulk up and gain his sizes.

And then stopped taking them.

He gained so much size and strength that if he is really natural then his genetics must be awesome is all we are saying.


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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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