Logan Franklin Bodybuilding Breakfast

Logan Franklin Breaks Down His Bodybuilding Off-Season Breakfast


During the off-season, many athletes maintain a proper diet to preserve their physique.

This enables them to make only little effort to regain their true shape.

Logan Franklin is among the best men’s physique bodybuilders.

Logan Franklin Bodybuilding Breakfast

Recently, he has shared the details of his breakfast diet plan during the off-season.

This helps him to stay jacked during the off-season.

Logan Franklin’s career is spanned over six years, and during these years, he has participated in various men’s physique competitions.

However, he is yet to win a professional physique competition, but his improvements cannot be ignored. Every time he comes to the stage, he shows improvement and looks better than ever.

His fans believe that he would eventually become a champion if he keeps getting better.

People are keen to learn about the Logan Franklin breakfast routine during the off-season.

He is now set to make a move from Men’s Physique to Classic Physique 2020.

One thing that promised him improvements is the diet plan he follows during the off-season.

He takes full advantage of the off-season and takes an approach that prepares him for the training.

Unlike many professionals who get distracted from their diet plan during the off-season, the Logan Franklin breakfast routine is always measured and proper.

Logan Franklin focuses on his diet and training with the same passion and commitment during the off-season as he does during the season.

This is why he keeps on getting better and better with every passing year.

Logan Franklin’s breakfast routine was revealed by himself in the Muscle & Strength.

He shared the complete details of what goes into his breakfast during the off-season.

Logan Franklin breakfast plan goes as; 3 whole Omega-3 eggs, some liquid whites, and three packs of grits.

Logan Franklin told that sometimes rather than preparing 3 eggs, he simply drinks 200g of egg whites.

He told that it almost tastes like milk and because he used to drink too much milk as a child, so it is not an issue to drink egg whites.

Check Out Logan Franklin Bodybuilding Breakfast

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Logan Franklin's Offseason Breakfast

Logan Franklin went into the details and explained that he is not taking enough carbs and likely to make a change because he is losing weight instead of gaining.

He also said that unlike many bodybuilders, he prepares his meals by himself and uses high-quality ingredients.

Logan Franklin breakfast also includes pink Himalayan sea salt.

He adds the salt to whole eggs and grits.

He also told me that he eats the eggs straight out of the frying pan.

Overall, he eats around 602 calories, 20g of fat, 63g of carbs, and 45g of protein in his breakfast.

It is enough calories for someone looking to move from Men’s Physique to Classic Physique.

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