Lou Ferrigno sheriff

Lou Ferrigno Is All Set to Take on His Role as Sheriff’s Deputy in New Mexico


The famous incredible hulk of the 70s is all set to take on new responsibility as the sheriff’s Deputy of Mexico City.

Yes, we are talking about Lou Ferrigno who is known for his famous role in the renowned show of the 70s, The Incredible Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno sheriff

However, apart from his new endeavor as the Sheriff’s Deputy and being the incredible hulk, Lou Ferrigno has earned a massive reputation in the bodybuilding world.

Lou Ferrigno The “Sheriff”

If you go through the entire bodybuilding career of Lou Ferrigno, you get a great insight into this wonderful individual and his contributions towards this sport, alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other classic bodybuilders.

With the new role that has been bestowing to him by the authorities, Lou Ferrigno is all set to work as the Sheriff’s Deputy in Socorro County, New Mexico.

The new role has also come with a lot of responsibilities and expectations.

Lou Ferrigno has to perform his duty in law enforcement with his natural zeal.

According to Lou Ferrigno, the new responsibility given to him means a lot to him, and he is really looking forward to playing his part in this field.

While giving an interview, Lou Ferrigno said,

“The position that is given to me is the responsibility, and I am looking forward to playing my role as a deputy very seriously.”

He further explained that he came from the family of police officers and that he always wanted to be a sheriff and now that the luck has given him a chance he is going to perform with all his heart and soul.

He added

“People are assuming that I have been given this position as an honorary thing and that I am not going to be seriously involved in any law enforcement activity, but it is where they are wrong.”

Ferrigno explained:

“I have gone through the comprehensive police training, and I take great pride in sharing this with all of you that I have the powers and I am certified. I have gone through all the training, studying and driving to get myself equipped with the required techniques and training. I am happy that I have allowed being a real-life hero and to be able to protect people’s life and properties.”

Fox And Friends Interview Lou Ferrigno On Being A Sheriff Deputy

Ferrigno added that he belongs to a family of police officers, and he gets the inspiration to join the forces from within.

His father has performed his role as the NYPD Lieutenant, and this is what fascinates the Ferrigno the most.

Taking into account all the family background and his motivation, we are quite sure that Ferrigno is going to take this new responsibility quite seriously.

It is going to be an emotional moment for Ferrigno while he has sworn as the Sheriff’s deputy on Thursday.

We are looking forward as the 68 years old bodybuilding hero is going to welcome a new endeavor in his life.

But it would be interesting to know which accomplishment he admires the most-being Mr. Universe or being the Deputy Sheriff of New Mexico City.

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