Luke Sandoe death

The Reaction Of The Bodybuilding Community On The Death Of Luke Sandoe At The Age Of 30 Years


After knowing that IFBB bodybuilder Luke Sandoe has died, the bodybuilding community is in a state of shock.

Luke Sandoe was bodybuilder from the English community who was rising and becoming the great bodybuilder on the earth.

Luke Sandoe death

While being 30 years and 4 years in bodybuilding, he managed tons of accomplishments.

Although he didn’t win any master level event, be stood 3rd in Arnold Classic 2019 event.

It seems that Sandoe’s life was not long. Several reports stated that he died on Thursday morning.

This was a great shock as he was too young and had a good appearance until last time.

The demise of Sandoe sounds tragic.

There are very few details available at the moment.

But this is a shock for all the bodybuilders as he worked with most in his career.

Till his death, he had been competing for four years.

In this period he portrayed a firm growth level that helped him being famous every time he went on stage.

The last event of Sandoe was Olympia in which he manages to gain 11th position.

In a video, Chow stated that there are many speculations regarding the death of Sandoe and he wanted to make everything clear immediately.

Chow was one who knew about Sandoe’s hard work as they talked at all times.

According to him, this didn’t happen because of any drugs or steroids, but it was Sandoe’s own choice.

He said that he associated himself to Sandoe in many cases, but in some, they were different.

He said all of does struggle but Sandoe bore went through so much that a single person cannot bear.

He stated that the reason behind his death shouldn’t be kept secret as this can be a problem with someone else as well.

He said that the mental health of males should be taken seriously.

Knowing about Sandoe’s death was unpleasant, but the reason behind it was more heart-wrenching.

Luke Sandoe was merely 30 years old and just had started being a great bodybuilder with much potential.

Luke Sandoe was loved by many people who presented tributes to his life as well as his career.

One such well-wisher was 212 Flex Lewis, Mr. Olympia.

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IM JUST SPEECHLESS‼️‼️??RIP @lukesandoe ??

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Flex condoled Sandoe with a post attributing him, which stated that I am unable to write something this is hard to bear that two amazing people died before time.

Luke Sandoe was also known as a Redcon1 athlete and also the CEO Aaron singer man posted a video on his account that paid tribute to Luke Sandoe.

Mental health is a serious issue that should not be looked down upon while talking about it.

And also it is very hard to accept that we have lost a great person just because of a much-known problem that is common and many individuals are going through this that is not a good sign.

All of our prayers and condolences are with the family and friends of bodybuilder Luke Sandoe.

Luke Sandoe Passed Away At The Age Of 30 Years

Luke Sandoe Passes Away at 30

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