Luke Sandoe lifts 220 lbs dumbell press

Luke Sandoe Lifts 220 lbs Dumbell Press!


A new year has begun, presenting itself as the opportunity to meet all those goals that we have set.

Especially for bodybuilders, who are always constantly growing and improving their body, always looking to not stay static and always improve.

Many seek to make 2020 their great year and, to achieve this, they must work hard.

Such is the case of Luke Sandoe, one of the great surprises that this 2020 can bring us.

Luke Sandoe lifts 220 lbs dumbell press

Who is Luke Sandoe?

Luke Sandoe is originally from South England, starting in 2012 to compete in an amateur way.

A long road has traveled the bodybuilder from that point until now.

Sandoe had the excellent year 2019, where he was able to show the world that he can be one of the most promising bodybuilders of the coming times.

Presenting himself at Mr. Olympia for the first time, he showed his incredible physique. But despite having worked so hard, he achieved a respectable number 11, leaving him hungry for more growth after giving the public proof of what he can do. Surely everyone who has an expert eye will start paying attention to his next movements, which can be decisive in his career.

And, in this 2020 that begins, Luke Sandoe has not wasted time in the gym. Without having officially confirmed any competition soon, he continues to maintain a rigorous routine, as demonstrated in his official Instagram, where he occasionally publishes his progress and teaches his fans a bit of all the things that this great bodybuilder can do.

As he showed a few days ago in a post he recently made on his Instagram, where it is shown that his chest training is really getting serious and for that he will focus on heavyweights.

In the post he is seen doing chest press with dumbells of 220 pounds each, giving the maximum of himself while the person who recorded it (we presume, his gym partner) motivated him with his hoarse voice: EASY, EASY, GO, YES!

if you don’t lift heavy weights, the goal will be far away, the saying says and it seems that Sandoe takes it seriously.

During the video, it was possible to see how the bodybuilder performs four beautiful press reps and although, apparently, he could continue with a fifth, he preferred to leave it only in four.

As he has made clear in the same post, he plans to increase his reps during the following weeks, so it is likely that we will soon see him doing many more and perhaps with much heavier weights than these.

He may surprise us with some extremely heavy Deadlifts or Squats, with a good scream EASY in the background, demonstrating his great physique.

Luke Sandoe is one of the bodybuilders that most caught our attention during 2019 and we believe he still has a lot to prove.

Luckily, his career is finally taking off and most likely throughout 2020, we will hear from him making noise on stage.

Now we just have to know what your next competition will be and keep an eye on the result, which could surprise more than one.

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