Martins Licis Manages To Yoke

Martins Licis Manages To Yoke Carry 4 Grown Men For 1200lb!


An Insane Crazy Yoke by Martins Licis

The Strongman athletes are well known for having some fun during the training. This is carried over big time for the Martins Licis, as Martin decided to do the ridiculous yoke carry.

The Martins Licis has become an ultra-impressive strongman competitor.

The Martins Licis is the winner of 2019- World’s Strongest Man and also managed to beat out some tough competitions. Moreover, after dealing with injuries, Martins managed to come back at the Arnold Strongest USA.

Martins Licis Manages To Yoke Carry 4 Grown Men For 1200lb! 1

This is the one classic event that the Martins Licis has not won yet. He is trying hard to change this in March; now, he earned the invite.

He is now looking to train hard and be fully ready for the contest. He is looking forward to winning this event at any cost.

Sometimes The martin’s hard work can come in the forms of unique training.

You can see the example in the below the Instagram post.

He is doing a yoke carry, though this time, Martins doing it with 4 men, instead of plates.

You can see in the post he is very powerful and can bear heavy weights.

Alongside Martins, in the video, there are some of the pretty faces.


Training to carry a village at @zooculture with @bradleymartyn … Carrying people is much harder than weights, almost feels like a chain yoke ? Thank you for joining in @mrcalliet , @jasonpostonpro , @mileshicksfit , and other strong gym-goers! ? And thank you @reignbodyfuel for the epic shooting Day! 

Martins is there with the Bradley Martyn, as well as Jason Poston, Miles Hicks, and Corey Calliet.

Even though the Martins is no stranger to use humans for weight, he explains that this was a slightly more difficult task than a regular yoke.

Martins Licis is working on establishing himself as the best strongman in this world.

Nevertheless, this is an insane and entertaining watch.

Especially when considering Martins says he is lifting 1200-pounds, all without a sleeve or a belt.

What are your thoughts about this crazy video from the Martins?

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