Mat Fraser before crossfit

Mat Fraser Ultimate Transformation From Weightlifter To CrossFit Champion


Weightlifting was bread and butter for Mat Fraser before CrossFit games.

In 2019 CrossFit games, he equaled the record for the most number of CrossFit wins.

Before Mat Fraser, Rich Froning Jr. had the record for most CrossFit wins.

Both have won CrossFit games 4 times.

His recent documentary explained the struggles and challenges that he faced during his journey from weightlifting to CrossFit athletes.

Mat Fraser before crossfit

Mat Fraser Before CrossFit!

Matt Fraser had to face a lot of hardships, including overweight as a kid and alcohol addiction.

Thanks to his dedication and commitment, he was able to withdraw from this habit.

Weightlifting was a major focus for Mat Fraser before CrossFit games.

His first appearance in CrossFit games was in the 2014 edition. He came in the 2nd place, and in 2015, he was again in the 2nd place.

After the 2015 edition of CrossFit games, he went on to win the title of ‘World’s Fittest Man’ in 2016.

He also set the record of winning the CrossFit games by the largest margin of victory.

He beat the record of Ben Smith.

After his 2016 win, he has won every CrossFit games until now.

Now, he has equaled the record for the most number of CrossFit wins.

Weightlifting was everything for Mat Fraser before CrossFit games’ career.

He was great at weightlifting, too, as he becomes the Junior National champion in 2009 and that also at the age of 13.

He spent the early years of his weightlifting career in Vermont and then decided to relocate to Colorado.

He started his training to progress in weightlifting, but a major back injury halted his progress.

He had surgery, and his coaches insisted on putting a break to his weightlifting career for a while, but he still competed, which proved very bad for him.

After having the surgery, he returned to weightlifting, and he was hoping to get into the Olympics team for weightlifting, but this dream did not come true.

In 2012, he started training for CrossFit games, and this proved to be a life-changing decision for him.

2016 proved to be a year worth living for because he graduated from the University of Vermont with a double major.

He graduated in mechanical engineering and engineering management.

Also, in 2016, he won the title of ‘World’s Fittest Man.’

For multiple reasons, he moved to Cookeville in 2017.

Because of no state income tax and his training partners residing in Cookeville, he changed his state.

It proved to be an excellent decision for him.

Mat Fraser, before CrossFit games 2019 edition, used to train with Tia Claire Toomey, who also won the women’s side of 2019 CrossFit games.

Mat Fraser is having the best time of his life, and all credit goes to his transformation from a weightlifter to a CrossFit games athlete.

Mat Fraser - Making a Champion: Part 11

He has not even crossed 30, and still, he is a success story and inspiration for all of us.

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