MattDoesFitness Conor McGregor Diet and Exercise Plan

Bodybuilder “MattDoesFitness” Tries Conor McGregor Diet And Exercise Plan


MattDoesFitness, a.k.a Matt Morsia is a bodybuilder famous on YouTube for various fitness challenges. Recently, he tried a UFC superstar McGregor diet and workout plan.

MattDoesFitness Conor McGregor Diet and Exercise Plan

Morsia is a fitness lover who enjoys doing new adventures.

People love to watch him for his crazy ideas, and his YouTube channel has around 1.5 million subscribers.

His idea of testing him according to the diet and workout of McGregor works well.

So Matt gets ready for YouTube, where he was about to do something amazing.

It feels that he researched the UFC bodybuilder, who had the crown of the two-weight world champion.

To follow all his routine during the day as what he eats and how he exercises, but for the rest of the training, he gets to work.

McGregor starts his day drinking water and stretching exercises along with Americano, and Matt follows suit.

Then get to start Conor`s first workout, a cardio session of 30mintues.

Matt tried with the rope jumping; however, it mostly consists of light jogging, skipping rope, and some stretch work.

After the workout session, McGregor had to get ready for the breakfast plan.

As Matt says, this is made up of eggs, avocado, apple, and some of the peanut butter.

Along with all this diet plan his wife made for him special McGregor Peanut Butter Energy Balls, she used coconut flour, flax seeds, chia seeds, and peanut butter as ingredients.

However, they were not part of the current diet plan.

Matt had a second workout plan during a day, and he doesn`t follow pre-workout; instead, pick the apple and snack of strawberries to fuel energy.

After the meal, he had warm-up time with mobility walks and rope stretching.

Conor has his style based on round movements, which is the real power of his training. Well, Matt is not of the view.

Matt starts the full workout session after warm-up, Conor mostly follows bodyweight exercise like a 1-minute rep of 5 sets of these steps:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Muscle-ups

During these sessions, Conor rehydrates with coconut water along with those Peanut Butter Balls.

Its lunchtime now, to get ready for a proper meal made of rice, corn, greens, and chicken, added with some flaxseeds.

Morsia highly suggests this meal plan.

Matt doesn’t do much for Conor’s specific exercise regimen, as MMA was in action for training. He tried some dark chocolates to enjoy along with Conor McGregor`s Proper No. 12 Whiskey.

He is not a whiskey lover in his personal life.

Matt Morsia winds up his day with a nutritionist dinner, with a combination of kale, green beans, sweet potato, and a cod.

This meal plan is a pretty good choice for ending the day.

It seems that the workout plan is more like taming that you can expect from a top-level athlete, here the McGregor was lacking for missing training.

We hope this article has revealed most things about Morisa!

MattDoesFitness Tries Conor McGregor Diet And Workout

Bodybuilder tries Conor McGregor’s DIET & WORKOUT for 24 hours... *3,500 CALORIES*

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