Max Shethar deadlift

17-yo Powerlifter Max Shethar Smashes 750lb Deadlift And 1,820lb Gym Total


Max Shethar a 17-year-old boy, but he is more reliable than average lifters.

He is a famous teenage lifter in the gym, pulling some heavy lifts.

Max Shethar deadlift

He is making relentless efforts to show his craft.

Shethar may be the legendary powerlifting icon, which is going to create some massive tides in sports.

Max Shethar is determined to achieve incredible goals with 125-kg weight.

Perhaps he got his top acclaim last October, where he got crown to become the youngest person to deadlift 722lb in competition.

It’s a high rank amongst the youngest weightlifters; he proved that he has something amazing in store for upcoming days.

Max has an excessive appetite for success, so this is just a beginning.

He recently updates something catchy on Instagram, really getting applause for his progress.

Here, he hit a massive 750lb deadlift, even though it was challenging, he astonished all.

Check Out Max Shethar Smashes 750lb Deadlift!

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750lbs deadlift at 17 years old, 1820 sleeved gym total

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Not just this, all this was related to a large 1,820lb sleeved gym.

Shethar has achieved the highest target of 1725lb so far, and his fans are crazy for his videos.

Although it is a sleeved total, nearly 100lb more massive is quite an improvement.

Max Shethar has been shown a remarkable improvement for the game during a few months.

Just a day before to this adventure of lifting, he smashed a gigantic 420lb bench press for a new PR.

It feels like a warm-up session but with some pause.

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420lbs pause bench, 15lbs PR over last block :))))

A post shared by Max Shethar (@the_one_rep_max) on

Before Shether crushed his latest deadlift, Ashton Rouska, an elite powerlifter, held the 700lb deadlift of at the age of accolade.

At the age of 18, in 2015, Rouska competed at USAPL Taxes Regional Championship.

Everyone is now curious about Shethar, how far he can push his incredible deadlift accolade.

Max Shethar is unstoppable; he is on his way to get success.

He is growing every single day and improving his skills.

His looks are creating the charisma, and his ambitious passion is leading him towards unusual targets.

It may be a bit late due to a pandemic situation in the world.

Regardless, that will give him more time to practice, and probably set new goals when he will be again in the light.

In May 2018, he covered his lifting while squatting; he crushed with a massive 575 lbs when he was in his fifteens.

A bright star is ready to shine in front of the world as Max Shethar.

He has plenty in the tank for us to watch his previous videos.

Also, you can check the heaviest deadlift records.

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