Meredith Alwine Scores

Meredith Alwine Scores Three Gold Medals In -71kg Division At Weightlifting World Cup


Meredith Alwine is among the top performers in the weightlifting competitions.

She surpassed her competitors in the recently held weightlifting world cup with an incredible performance.

Meredith Alwine Scores

Meredith Alwine Scores

Meredith Alwine cup winning performance was very impressive in the competition.

She has been a top performer, and soon, she’ll be competing in the 71kg weight division.

In the previous competitions, she was a force to reckon with and displayed exceptional performances.

She won Silver medals at 2017 Junior Pan Ams and the 2018 Junior Worlds.

Meredith Alwine is only 21 years old, and her performances are the depiction of a very bright future ahead of her. One cannot doubt that she’ll enjoy a bright and shining future in weightlifting.

In the recently held IWF Weightlifting World Cup, she participated and exhibited a wonderful performance that won her a Gold medal.

She achieved this goal with a top score in all three categories.

Her score chart looks like this;

  • Snatch– 103kg (227lb)
  • Clean and Jerk– 134kg (295lb)
  • Total– 237kg (522.5lb)

Meredith Alwine cup winning performance was a clean sweep as she topped all the 3 categories.

She also achieved competition personal record for her snatch.

Meredith Alwine’s performance was nothing less than exceptional and super performance.

After Meredith Alwine cup winning performance, we can assume that it is just the beginning of a brilliant weightlifting career ahead of her.

She started with her Snatch and attempted 3/3.

She missed at first two attempts, but her third attempt defined her performance.

She managed to set a new personal record for her snatch.

After missing the first two attempts, she was desperate to clear the last one, and when she succeeded at the last attempt, she was all over the moon.

After her Snatch, she attempted Clean and Jerk.

Her first attempt with Clean and Jerk wasn’t successful, but she hit the 131kg mark in the second attempt. It wasn’t very smooth, and she looked a bit off-color.

When it came to her third attempt, she hit 134kg, and it was better than the 131kg.

She looked smooth as butter with 134kg.

She was much comfortable with 134kg then 131kg.

Meredith Alwine cup winning performance was very impressive and earned her a Gold medal.

We wish her a great future ahead of her. She’ll now compete in the Senior Pan Ams this year.

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