Method Man

At 49 Years Old, Method Man Is In the Finest Shape Of His Life


Method Man is known for his great big physique, but nowadays, he is trying to use his fitness as an inspiration to help other people to reach their goals.

This big man has experienced a lot of new things during his travels around the world.

Method Man

He started as a good member of the popular rap group— the Wu-Tang Clan, he has since moved to the acting world.

Method Man now appears in the shows like Wire and the Good Guys and becoming the main face in both film and music.

However, despite his lots of hard work and experience in his life, this man is continuously growing as an individual.

For instance, in the last couple of years, he has discovered himself motivated for fitness.

Check the Method Man Workout

His love for fitness has really helped him to be in shape. Even in the Instagram post, this 49 years man looks in the best of his shape.

As he further explains, the main goal of sharing all these fitness videos is not to boast off but to motivate all the men like me, who are entering their 50’s to achieve their goals.

Method Man is a living example of this phrase: ‘it’s never too last to start out and chasing your dreams.’

Nearly 50 years old, Method has found himself happy at hitting the gym. It will go without saying that he is good at what is doing right now.

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