patrick moore measurements

The Latest Measurements From Patrick Moore!


Patrick Moore is On Something Big!

Yes, it is all for 2020 Arnold Classic. However, 7 weeks out from the event, Patrick Moore measurements have amazed everyone.

patrick moore measurements

Undoubtedly, Moore has got an incredibly promising body, who burst onto the scene in 2019. Patrick Moore had some fantastic performances before Olympia.

But he has shocked everyone with his superb performance, even his 10th place scoring.

His passion for bodybuilding and strength made everyone wonder if he could be the perfect future Olympia champ one day.

Following this significant year, Patrick Moore really wants to move forward. For that, his first stop on this journey is the mind-blowing performance at the 2020 Arnold Classic in March.

11 days from 2019 @mrolympiallc left, 7 weeks from @arnoldsports right.The name of this game is progression. The biggest thing my opponents have on me is time and that’s something I can’t rush. It will happen! I see a lot of comparisons between myself and other athletes on social media, but this is the only one that matters. I said I would beat myself every time I step on stage. @therealtechnician…we’re on track! The only thing in life YOU have to do, is be a better YOU!! Then you win every time! Have a great weekend guys!

This is Patrick Moore’s first time at this contest, and he had been working very hard to prepare for it.

Patrick has already shown off his great arms leading up to the contest, and trust us; these were looking awesome.

Waist 31in…shoulders 59in…..arms 22in…maintain your strengths while developing your weaknesses. it’s possible to grow only in the areas you want to grow in and keep everything else intact. Countless conversations I’ve had with @leelabrada about gaining size while keeping good proportions and symmetry. If this was a video game, my athlete rating would be 99!? Back to work!

But yes, if you were amazed how big they are, then he decided to answer it in a perfect way.

Patrick Moore recently measured that, his waist and shoulders as well, and provided numbers on his Instagram account.

These strong arms look super awesome.

He seems super ready to go by judging the well-built muscles. However, he will be going to compete with some big names, like Big Ramy, Sergio Oliva Jr., and various others.

Now we only need to wait for 7 weeks to see how it really looks.

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