Regan Grimes Ladies Exercise

Regan Grimes Uses Two Ladies To Exercise During Isolation


During these days, with a lack of social interactions, all are looking to find alternative ways to exercise.

Regan Grimes has shown a new idea; it doesn’t require any tool or equipment to work out at home.

Is it not interesting?

Well, he is setting trends to create some exciting ways.

Regan Grimes is a Classic competitor of the physique, and he has reputation form the past many years.

Regan Grimes Ladies Exercise

Grimes achieved his fitness goals through hardcore efforts of exercise and diet.

Regan Grimes doesn’t have many accolades on his credit; instead, he won the New York Pro.

Moreover, he got the rank of 8th place in the 2019 Olympics.

IFBB Pro shows are not going to happen until the situation is better.

And it was the same Arnold classic festival decision.

It can’t stop an athlete from being on a fitness regimen, elite athlete Grimes is motivating others to stand firm in upfront of this Pandemic.

Vital for professionals to maintain exercise routines, it’s crucial to keep the body in shape.

However, the threat of COVID-19 coronavirus is creating concerns for prevailing epidemic issues.

Going to the gym and coaching clubs is not banned actually, for the safety of folks better to stay at home.

Public places, gatherings can increase the tendency to spread the virus; in this emergency, Grimes did something pleasant to give a lighter feeling to his fans.

He posted his pictures on Instagram with his wife and friend at home, trying to do his squats, push-ups.

Regardless, Regan Grimes is determined to move ahead, and it is his unique way to keep things going.

It is what to expect from such an elite competitor.

To awake the passion and stand with the spirit to go head.

Instagram has video clips showing them on work out, Regan, along with his friend Laura D’Ariano and his wife Victoria, he was trying to exercise.

Check Out Regan Grimes Uses Two Ladies To Exercise

It is an unorthodox way of course, but at least can help him to stay active on his career track.

The Regan is doing squats, with one lady at his back while other is holding him from the front to support.

Then in some places, he is doing lunges, Laura at his back and Victory at the front, straight in his arms.

It’s lovely to see the dog around them, watching with curious expressions as this is unusual for him.

The dog seems to be pleased with this incredible union for exercise.

Regan and Victoria like to work out together in the gym, and they have many fun videos on their fan pages, getting millions of likes.

They are posting their previous videos as well to give a feeling of love to their followers.

Regan Grimes, Victoria couple exercise videos are motivating folks to stay in peace.

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