Rob Kearney Strongman Pay

Rob Kearney And Joe Rogan Podcast – Strongman Pay!


Joe Rogan’s invited a well-known person to his podcast show.

That person is known as Rob Kearney.

He is the very first person to be known as gay publicly.

During the session, he told about his journey being a strongman and publicly a gay he also said about how he initiated through the cheerleading amongst all other things.

All in between these chit-chat like a conversation, Rob told about how the world deals with a strongman.

He told me how Rob Kearney’s strongman pay was manipulated.

Rob Kearney “World’s Strongest Gay” Talks about How much Pro Strongman earn

Rob Kearney Strongman Pay

As per Rob told that the champion of the world’s strongest man receives a cash prize of 50 thousand US dollars.

Similarly, the one who comes 2nd and 3rd they get half the amount or quarter of it as the prize.

Although, Rob did not talk about whether the organization of WSM bears the traveling and accommodation bills, yet we think that the company might pay half of the amount of the ticket as well as a hotel.

As the Arnold Strongman Classic festival does not stay for some days but now it is happening for more than half of the days a year.

It is an open invitation show that would be held in Columbus in Ohio.

It is the essential information he gave he told that all the people participating in the show would be paid.

The events that are held internationally pay 10,000 to the champion and the runner up gets 2000, and the same pattern is followed for all others till the one in 6th position.

Now, as the Arnold festival is paying the ticket money, so it does not affect the player or the competitor on a larger scale.

The advantage of being in Arnold’s international event is that one can get the opportunity of performing in the main event that will take place in Ohio.

The cash prize for the champion there is about 85,000 US dollars.

However, Rob Kearney was not much sure about this.

He further added that all the competitors in the event get some amount as the cash prize it is unfair that the champion of the strongest man show gets lesser rank than the UFC fighter.

It can be said with cent percent surety that Shaw must be earning a great amount through his YouTube webcast.

Check out the video below:

Joe Rogan Experience #1416 - Rob Kearney

In the end, Joe, while using logical deduction, gave the verdict that the Strongman has to work hard to achieve something just like Rob had to compete for forty times in a year to prove himself.

If a thought ever came that being a Strongman is an easy task, then one might rethink it as it gives nothing but the life-endangering risks on every competition.

As Rob Kearney strongman pays a large number of weights to be lifted that cannot be done on a regular basis.

Being strong is very life-endangering, but it is part of life, and also all things are not bad.

Rob, in the end, says that Strongman has to go through many hardships and also have to pass through many hurdles on the road to fame.

Money does not come easily, but it has to be earned.

Fame brings people to watch the show.

That ticket money makes one able to get prize money.

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