Ronnie Coleman surgery

Ronnie Coleman Updates the World about His Minor Hip Surgery


The bodybuilders, mostly in career, go through several snags and the same applies to Ronnie Coleman.

During his heydays, he had been among the most muscular bodybuilders the world had at that time.

Ronnie Coleman surgery

The bulk physique of Ronnie Coleman and his wins revealed all.

His love for bodybuilding and intense training has brought him more IFBB championships than anyone ever has had.

However, this massively hard training damaged the body of legend, and now he is trying to patch it together.

The setbacks that hunt every sportsman didn’t give an exception to the king Ronnie Coleman.

The bodybuilder left everyone worried when he posted about his emergency surgery.

An inspiration for many around the world, the surgery of bodybuilder came as a shock to his fans. However, he revealed that it is a minor issue and he will be back soon.

The news of minor surgery was taken by many as Ronnie Coleman was having problems with his back. However, that was not the case.

The surgery was of the hip where a minor problem was detected during an x-ray.

The doctors persuaded him for immediate surgery to avoid any further damage.

Ronnie Coleman is called “king” for a reason.

In his peak days, he always stood distinct from his rivals.

Although this time no one was in closer competition to him, surgery had made everything disturbed.

However, he had made a promise that he will be back soon.

And there he is. Just after the surgery, he tried to ease the minds of those who were worried about the king.

It seems that everything went well during surgery.

After the surgery, he made an Instagram post where he is posing with his friend, Big J from Extreme Fitness.

Ronnie Coleman explained that he is feeling much better now.

Moreover, he seems to be obliged to his friend, who was with him during the surgery.

Ronnie Coleman After The Surgery

Ronnie Coleman declared Big J as the one who fulfills the definition of a true friend.

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Good news! #ronniecoleman “I am finally feeling a lot better after surgery,” Coleman said. “Here I’m hanging with my training partner and partner in crime @bigj_extremefitness, surgery was yesterday around noon. I can always count on @bigj_extremefitness to meet me at my surgery appointment and wait the entire time while I’m having surgery. If that’s not the true definition of a friend, then there is no such thing. I was so dumbfounded about having surgery and confused, I forgot to call @bigj_extremefitness. The Dr Said he replaced both cups holding the titanium hook and then he put a cage around both so that I’ll be able to do leg presses without a problem. Y’all know I gotta do my leg presses to get these legs bigger. Because he said in 4-6 weeks I’ll be able to get back in the gym again. And y’all know, once again it’s on like a pot of neck bones. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Here was the update:

‘Thankfully, I’m feeling well after surgery, Coleman said, ‘Here I’m with my training partner, he was my great support here.’ I was so confused and afraid about having surgery that I forgot to call him.

It seems that the bodybuilder was having issues because of the last surgery.

However, the doctor has fixed the issues, and Ronnie Coleman is expected to return for training in 4-6 weeks.

Ronnie Coleman seems excited while he posted about his comeback in training.

Though it was a minor surgery, the bad things can happen. The fans are relaxed to know about the better condition of the bodybuilder.

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