Serena Abweh

19 y/o Powerlifter Serena Abweh Went From Anorexic To Deadlifting 3x Her Bodyweight


Serena Abweh Deadlifts 330lbs!

The famous social media influencer— Serena Abweh deadlifts have taken over the internet world by storm.

She has posted a video on Instagram by this Saturday doing 150kg deadlifts at the bodyweight of about 104pounds.

She performed a series of lifts, and this has grabbed the attention of thousands of users.

Her first video shows a 136kg followed best of her 150kg.

However, next Serena performed a 68kg bench press, and finally a 100kg squat to end her deadly lifts for the inspiring day.

The new deadlift comes only 2 weeks after achieving a superb personal record of her, but the best thing is to see when someone beat their best twice in a month. It’s amazing!

This new deadlifting was over 3 times her current body weight.

This is something not every lifter can achieve in their lifetime. It’s surely a proud moment for her.

Serena informs all the readers ‘are you excited to see what I can bring to collegiate nats.

However, fortunately, she is not the only one who is super excited to see what she can bring to nationals.

Supporters are out to encourage here, and comment sections of both Instagram and YouTube videos are filled with superb comments support for her success.

It’s important to know that she suffered from an eating disorder in her very young years which stopped from self-image issues, and it really took a toll on her.

Serena Abweh

But she made it her power, and use it as her weapon to overcome all her short comes in her life.

So yes, it’s super amazing to see what she has achieved and what she overcame to get to this point of success.

Moreover, she is not only looking forward to seeing what she can bring, but millions of eyes are waiting for her.

We wish her very good luck.

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