Shawn Ray Chad Nicholls

Shawn Ray Calls Out Chad Nicholls For Steroids & Having ‘Blood All Over His Hands’


To some people, Chad Nicholls is one of the best nutritionists in the world, but Shawn Ray has other opinions.

He thinks Chad Nicolls is a source of harm rather than good.

Shawn Ray is an accomplished and acknowledged bodybuilder.

He is also a Hall of Famer and the best bodybuilder to be added to Hall of Fame.

Shawn Ray Chad Nicholls

It does not matter if he has never won Mr. Olympia; he is still one of the best.

He has won several other competitions, including Arnold Classic.

However, Chad Nicholls is very well known for contributing to various bodybuilders’ career, but Shawn Ray has no respect for him.

Ronnie Coleman’s first Olympia win is often associated with Chad Nicholls.

Shawn Ray is not impressed at all with him, and he is strictly against his methods to train bodybuilders.

Shawn Ray is not the only one who has objections over Chad’s performance enhancement drugs; many other people are also strictly against him.

Shawn Ray told in an interview that in 1996 he posed for Chad.

The nutritionist asked Shawn Ray if he needs any help, but Shawn didn’t ask for any help.

Shawn Ray gave some severe remarks on Chad and said he has blood all over his hands.

Shawn Ray said that even though Chad leaded Ronnie to his first victory but he was almost near to death.

He added that there almost five deaths because of Chad’s fraudulent practices, and he hasn’t attended a single funeral of his clients.

Shawn Ray also said that Chad is not a doctor, and he is a fraud who uses fraudulent practices to train his clients.

Shawn Ray also said that almost anyone who ever worked with Chad had a kidney transplant and other issues as well.

However, people working with him are very loyal to him, but still, he is a fraud.

Shawn Ray has given a strict statement on Chad by saying he has bodies in his path, and that’s why I have no respect for him.

Shawn said he might have some respect for Chad if he had been to any of the funerals of his clients.

Shawn Ray Calls Out Chad Nicholls!

Shawn Ray on Steroids & Drug Abuse in Bodybuilding - Calls Out Chad Nicholls

Shawn Ray told in the interview that when Chad started working with Dallas, I said he will only live for 6 months, and 8 months later, Dallas died.

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