Stefanie Cohen 462lb

Stefanie Cohen Looks Trim Squatting Huge 462lb At 125lb Bodyweight


Stefanie Cohen Squats with Almost 4 times here bodyweight!

As of now, Stefanie Cohen is technically the most efficient athlete going around in powerlifting.

Stefanie Cohen Looks Trim Squatting Huge 462lb At 125lb Bodyweight 1

With such a prolific educational and professional background in physical fitness education, she has the best skill-set for powerlifting.

In her latest video, she depicted the best techniques of powerlifting by performing a 462lb squat.

This performance is huge keeping in mind her bodyweight.

Check it out:

She weighs at only 125lb. It is near impossible for a female powerlifter to perform such a heavy squat. That’s why everyone is talking about Stefi Cohen 462lb squat.

Stefi Cohen is a Doctor as well.

She is considered as the best female powerlifter to ever enter in competitive powerlifting.

Her achievements are not just limited to powerlifting. She had been a great performer in ballet and soccer as well.

Apart from her athletic background, she has achieved great results in the educational background also.

She is a Doctorate in Physical Training, and before that, she has done Bachelor in Sports Science.

Because of her background in physical training education, she is very well aware of the best techniques for powerlifting.

She knows how to approach physical training and powerlifting with a scientific approach.

That’s why Stefi Cohen 462lb squat is trending in the powerlifting community.

A little while ago, Stefanie Cohen was on a break from weightlifting and heavy training.

Recently, she decided to come back and start training again. Even though after staying away from the training and powerlifting, it didn’t feel that she was on a break.

She was in superb shape and condition.

Stefi Cohen has set such high standards for herself that she thought she is not good enough yet and started training regularly and heavily.

We may assume that she is now satisfied with herself because, in her recent Instagram post, Stefi Cohen can be seen performing a hefty 462lb squat.

Not to mention that she weight at only 125lb. After her video, Stefi Cohen 462lb started trending.

She mentioned in her post that this is the heaviest weight she has ever lifted and performed a squat and that too with just a bodyweight of 125lb.

Stefanie Cohen’s recent performance is not something ordinary considering the fact she is just 125lb, and the squat she performed was 4 times more than her body weight. It is not something that can be done easily.

In her recent performance, apart from the Stefanie Cohen 462lb squat, she also did 397lb triple for 2 sets.

This is also exceptional, and we can’t stop ourselves from praising her performance.

Dr. Stefanie Cohen is continuously showing such great performances, and we can’t deny that she is the best going around in the female powerlifting community. At every weight class, she has come out as the standout performer.

No matter what kind of lifts she is doing, Stefanie Cohen has always stunned us with her performance.

She has performed every lift with a great technique that no one else could do.

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