Stefi Cohen hybrid

Stefi Cohen Obliterates Three All-Time World Records In One Meet!


Stefi Cohen was on a break from powerlifting.

On his return, she has promised to exceptional things, and she has been successful in doing so.

During Stefi Cohen Hybrid Showdown performance, she fulfilled her promise by setting three new records.

Stefi Cohen hybrid

Stefi Cohen is a doctor as well and she is arguably the best female powerlifter the world has ever seen.

Apart from a shining career in powerlifting, she’s an amazing performer in soccer, CrossFit, and various other sports.

She is an all-rounder athlete and the mix of skills in different sports makes her a tough competitor.

The world has never seen someone with such extra-ordinary skills in multiple sports, not any man or woman. So, it is always exciting to watch her whenever she stands in any powerlifting competition.

She competed at Kern US Open and then met few injuries.

So, she took a break from powerlifting and stayed almost a year away from powerlifting.

She was also busy developing herself as a personal trainer.

Her fans were wanting her to come back quickly so they could watch her competing.

At the start of this year, she decided to come back and compete in the powerlifting competitions.

She promised to achieve some big records and put up great shows so fans had already set high expectations from her.

She was also sharing training videos where she could be seen doing some exceptional training.

This made the fans more excited.

When she finally entered the Hybrid Showdown II during the last weekend, her fans knew what to expect from her.

She competed in the 114lb weight division and managed to set three new records.

She put up a great performance and earned first place in her weight division.

She managed to beat her records and set up new records for her squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Her scores were – 446lb squat, 452lb deadlift, and 226lb bench press.

Her total score was 1124lb. She managed to set an all-time total record in the 114lb weight division.

Check ou Stefi Cohen Hybrid Performance video!

Stefi Cohen Hybrid Showdown II performance was one of her best performances.

This performance was exceptional for a few reasons.

First, she has returned from a break and it is not something ordinary to put up a show like this after a long break. Second, she broke her squat record on her 1st attempt.

Though she did well it wasn’t enough to satisfy her and she went on to her 2nd squat attempt with 10 pounds extra on the weights.

She did that with more ease and set her new record.

Stefi Cohen Hybrid Showdown II performance has depicted her strength.

She has only become better even after a long break.

It is going to be an exciting few years ahead of her.

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