Stefi Cohen Joins WWE Wrestlers

Stefi Cohen Joins WWE Wrestlers To Pay A Visit To Logan Mad Max For Viking Session


Being a powerlifter and multiple record-breaker, Stefi Cohen is known as one of the strongest women pound-for-pound on earth.

She holds 25 all-time world records and has the highest Wilks score.

Lately, Cohen set three newly all-time world records in a single meet.

She is all about continually pushing herself, so it makes sense that she surrounds herself with some of the toughest gym bodies.

Stefi Cohen Joins WWE Wrestlers

She’s proud of her accomplishments but always aiming higher to achieve more.

She gained fame with her amazing powerlifting.

She’s also a physiotherapist who is very familiar with training, offering advice on her YouTube channel. She never misses a chance to participate and takes on any and every challenge that comes across.

It seems like she’s enjoying her time as the most powerful, skillful, and energetic athlete.

She recently set an unofficial world record at the Arnold Classic with an unbelievable 495lb squat at a 123lb bodyweight. She is also the number two ranked at 123 pounds currently holding the deadlift.

Recently, she trained with Strongman legend Eddie Hall and also took on a CrossFit workout with top CrossFitter Brent Fikowski adding to her collaborations.

She keeps on setting new records and making history in the sport of powerlifting.

As it broke the news, things got pretty interesting and curious when a few weeks back, Stefi Cohen joined WWE wrestlers Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe for a session in Logan’s Mad Max inspired Thunderdome (gym)!

The video involved spears, shields, getting knocked on the head with an ax while wearing a helmet, and lastly, the workout; it started strikingly and interestingly.

It seemed like a totally different gym compared to the usual gym equipment.

Cohen is also seen taking safety measures (chainmail and a metal helmet) before any training takes place Before the workout.

Logan discussed how she doesn’t like wearing makeup or dressing up as a girl being a wrestler.

She went up to the chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and told them that she doesn’t want to wear any makeup.

They agreed as they thought her face was expressive enough without applying any makeup.

Later, Rowe shared an interesting story about his brother (living next door) who locked himself out of his house and had to break the window to get in after they came back from hunting a deer with Rowe.

Finally, it was the time for the workout.

The session involved several exercises every minute on the minute (EMOM) with 10-15 repetitions, each including back extensions with weight, kettlebell burpees, pullups, and the sandbag carry for three rounds.

The video ended with some footage of them being them engaged with Viking-inspired activities in a different gym, which involved swords, axes, and shields.

Stefi Cohen VS WWE Wrestler

Powerlifters VS WWE Wrestlers | Ft Sarah Logan & Erik Rowe

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