Stefi Cohen shoulders hypertrophy

Stefi Cohen Reveals The Secret Of Shoulders Hypertrophy Workout


Who Is Stefi Cohen?

Stefi Cohen is a lady who is known for having all the 22 world records associated with powerlifting.

Stefi Cohen is a physical therapist by profession.

However, Stefi Cohen is a person with a nicely built physique; she is also famous for delivering the information and advice on training through her channel on YouTube.

In the last week, Cohen shared a video on her YouTube channel, which had much valuable information on the most excellent ways to strengthen the muscles around shoulders.

Also, we got detailed information so that people can use it for personal shoulder training.

If we talk about the YouTube video, then Stefi Cohen begins her video with a brief explanation that how usually the muscles of shoulders are not given the attention in comparison to other body parts, which are the center of focus for a few people.

And thus they give them more attention.

Moreover, Stefi Cohen also briefly described how some gears are necessary to achieve the required physique with a focus on all the other parts of the body.

Stefi Cohen also realized that some factors give a clear idea of how to work out or get the training sessions to achieve 3D shoulders. Three steps include:

  • Regional anatomy
  • The Fatigability
  • Specified exercises for the strength curve
  • Regional Anatomy

The very first thing Stefi Cohen talked about was the regional anatomy as well as the functions of all the heads of deltoids that are termed as the front or anterior side, side or the lateral side and the last one rear or the posterior side in deltoids.

Stefi Cohen shoulders hypertrophy

Furthermore, she also talked about the consequences of how each of the sides has to be faced in diverse manners as this all is dependent on the movement of the body.

As a bit of great advice, Stefi Cohen said that it is good to move the shoulders with the help of different exercises and work out rather than moving them with a single exercise.

Flexion of the shoulder, the extension of the shoulder and abduction of the shoulder all are the most important exercises to have a complete and good training routine of the shoulder.

Moment Arm

The other thing that she shares is about the moment arm.

Stefi Cohen explains it as having the space between the body muscles working on a joint and also joint in particular.

According to Cohen, a large mass of moment arm helps in making more forces for muscles.

She says a large moment arm creates more muscular force with better leverage of the joints; also, it is great training as it affects the delts effectively.

For instance, front raising, rear raise, pressing the overhead and the straight arm stretches.

Strength And The Resistance Curves

Stefi Cohen told that a small number of exercises are categorized as a higher or low strength work out.

Through this, she meant that work out acquires more strength in a single part of the set repetition.

So, in this case, she gives preference to add the cable work once in the long run as it is a dynamic way to put the static tension to the delt’s head.

It also gives the benefits of the hypertrophy workouts.

Concerns For Training

In this part, she tells about the things and moves that can cause damage to muscles that comprise of fiber type, length-tension, sarcomere length and also the relation of the muscles with length-tension.

However, Stefi Cohen also said that delts are comparatively small so they might cause less damage to the muscles.

She suggested going for 10 to 20 sets every week with only 5 sets in a day for training.

Moreover, she said to go for work out only 3 to 4 days a week for training as it is an ideal way of adding in the volume every week.

Hypertrophy Workout

Stefi Cohen’s shoulder hypertrophy workout is the actual form of work out.

In this, all that has to be done is to choose a weight for every exercise to not have a lot of burden in each set.

Anterior and lateral heads

In Stefi Cohen shoulder hypertrophy workout, the anterior and lateral heads comprise overhead press:

It has 5 sets that are followed by 5 repetition sets with the challenging weights

In Stefi Cohen’s shoulder hypertrophy workout posterior head there is a Horizontal row that comprises four sets having 10 to 12 following repetitions.

In the Lateral head, 4 sets are followed by 10 to 12 repetition sets

The Most Effective Way To Build Shoulders (Shoulder Hypertrophy Explained)

In the Anterior head, as stated, one has to go for a dumbbell fly that consists of 4 sets that are followed by 10 to 12 repetitions sets.

You can also check the Stefi Cohen Diet routine.

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