Is Steve Cook On Steroids Or Natural?

Last edited: April 9, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at Steve Cook.

As we address the question of is Steve Cook on steroids or natural.

The world of bodybuilding as we know it is changing.

Sure, Mr. Olympia and the Arnold are still the two most popular contests in bodybuilding history.

And that’s not going to change anytime soon.

However, what is changing is the number of people now competing at a pro-level and generating interest from sponsors and the general public alike.

You see, in the past, other than hardcore bodybuilding fans.

It was only the real biggest names in bodybuilding that started generating attention.

Typically it was the top 2 or 3 in the Olympia that people knew on a mainstream level.

Whereas fairly casual fans perhaps knew the top 5 names or so.

A little over a decade ago, it was Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman that was plastered on billboards and on the cover of bodybuilding magazines.

Then came Phil Heath and Kai Greene.

Sure, there were guys like Branch Warren, Victor Martinez, and Dennis Wolfe.

Who were also fairly popular.

But they were overlooked for a long time.

Since social media became a part of modern life, however, the number of “outsiders” gaining big sponsorship deals and gracing the covers of bodybuilding and fitness magazines, have increased exponentially.

One self-made fitness competitor is Steve Cook.

The guy we’re going to be looking at today.

The Legal Disclaimer

Before proceeding any further it’s important that we get the legal stuff out of the way first.

The content of this article is based purely on speculation on our part and should not be considered as fact.

We are not associated with Steve Cook.

And we probably never will be.

We have no access to his personal info or medical records and we have no way of telling for certain whether he has, or has not, used steroids to build his body.

What we will be doing is looking at pieces of evidence both for and against the use of steroids on Steve’s part.

In a bid to determine whether he may have used steroids.

Now that we’ve covered that.

Let’s address the question of is Steve Cook natural or on steroids.

Who Is Steve Cook?

If you use social media and show an interest in bodybuilding pages.

And health and fitness pages in general.

You will probably already know who Steve Cook is.

If you don’t recognize the name.

When you see the face you’ll probably recognize him.

Steve Cook is a 31-year-old American bodybuilder who regularly graces the stage at Mr. Olympia.

Yes, that Mr. Olympia, although he doesn’t try to hang with guys like Phil Heath or Big Ramy.

No, Steve competes in the physique division at Mr. Olympia.

Alongside Jeff Seid, Jeremy Buendia, Sergi Constance, and Ryan Terry.

Over the last few years, the physique division of Olympia has proven to be surprisingly popular.

In the past, this division wasn’t really taken too seriously and was seen as more of a warm-up for the main event of the Olympia itself.

With social media, however, many of the competitors were able to market themselves and help drum up interest in their division of choice.

Seeing more of the athletes “behind the scenes” helped get the general public more invested in the athletes.

The more invested they become.

The more popular the division became.

Steve Cook created his own brand known as ‘Swoldier Nation’ and is also a sponsored Gymshark athlete beside David Laid.

He is sponsored by arguably the two biggest names in the world of bodybuilding and fitness – Optimum Nutrition, and

As you can see, those two companies generate hundreds of millions.

If not more, every single year, so to say they’re kind of big deals in the world of bodybuilding is like saying that Muhammad Ali was quite a good boxer.

Steve has over a million fans on social media and is very much a fan-favorite.

He has one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques in the industry.

He is very humble and friendly, he is clearly dedicated to his craft.

And he claims to be natural.

Now, this last point, probably grabbed your attention because today we’re going to be looking at the question of being Steve Cook on steroids or natural.

Steve Cook: Steroids Or Natural?

Early Life And Getting Started

Steve Cook was your typical British lad growing up.

He was good-looking, athletic, and showed a keen interest in physical education at school.

He admits that one of the main motivations for lifting weights was to impress girls.

Steve showed a keen interest in American Football and dreamed of playing in the NFL.

He showed great promise, though ultimately this dream never came to fruition.

He also failed to graduate.

Steve got married at a young age and as he was out of work and depressed.

This put a strain on his marriage as his wife was the only breadwinner in the house.

They argued more and more, Steve’s depression worsened.

And, unfortunately, the marriage fell apart before it had really had time to get going.

Steve moved back in with his parents and after encouragement from them.

He decided to get some positivity in his life.

He knew that working out made him feel good.

And he knew that exercise was a fantastic stress-buster.

He started lifting weights and eating right.

And his body thanked him for it.

Steve decided to try his hand at competing.

As a way of keeping him accountable and giving him a goal to aim for.

He contacted a bodybuilder and asked for advice, and started reading online forums.

8 weeks later he won his very first show.

Winning this show gave him the confidence he needed and he felt like a new man.

He really jumped headfirst into his training and began dominating the amateur circuit worldwide.

It was clear that he was head and shoulders amongst his competition and it was clear that he had great potential.

He soon earned his pro card and decided that he wanted to compete as a fitness model.

He moved to the US, finished his degree, and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time fitness model and competitor.

He won the Muscle and Fitness male fitness model of the year contest held at Mr. Olympia and his career as a fitness model took off from there.

Life as a pro

After earning his pro card and establishing himself as a fitness model.

Steve turned his attention to the bigger shows.

After competing in the NPC such as Bradley Martyn and Rob Riches.

He competed in the IFBB as a pro and took first place back in 2012 at the Houston Pro.

He also went on to compete in the men’s physique division at the Olympia.

Is Steve Cook On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Now that we know more about Steve’s background.

It’s now time to address those allegations of steroid use.

Now, unlike many social media bodybuilders.

Steve doesn’t actually find himself targeted by trolls all that much.

This is probably because he’s such a nice guy.

Though occasionally the odd troll does appear and accuse him of using steroids.

But is Steve Cook on steroids or natural?

Let’s try to find out.

Timeline For His Gains

One of the best ways of gauging whether or not a person may be on steroids, or using steroids.

Is to look at how quickly they have transformed their physiques.

While living in Idaho and studying at college and high school.

Steve dreamed of playing in the NFL.

He was a big dude back then.

As he stood at 6ft 1 and weighed in at 235 pounds.

There are pics of him in college and he is JACKED.

Interestingly enough, Steve’s body appears to have gone the other way to most.

Most people accused of taking steroids may have been in decent shape in college and high school.

But will then have completely transformed their bodies years later.

Packing dozens of pounds of muscle onto their frames.

However, Steve is actually around 20 pounds lighter than he was when he played football.

Steve admits that his diet sucked back then and that he would often ‘dirty bulk’ and it is clear that he now knows how to diet down properly.

Even so, this is unusual, unless of course.

He is natural now and was using steroids back then.

He’s Not Enormous

At 6ft 1 and weighing in at around 210 – 215 pounds on stage, and 220 off-season, Steve Cook is a big dude that’s for sure.

Big yes, but not enormous.

On paper, these stats are fairly average, and even though it’s clear that his physique is far superior to most people’s.

Many would argue that getting to that size naturally would be possible.

Especially if you trained for many years as Steve had.

Healthy Skin

Many bodybuilders out there in their twenties and thirties that admit to using steroids.

Truthfully would pass for being fifteen or twenty years older than they actually are, no problem at all.

Steroids cause the face to age and can speed up hair-loss in men that are already genetically predisposed to hereditary baldness.

This again can result in them looking older than they are.

They also often have very red and flushed skin, as if they’ve just stepped out of a sauna.

If you see Steve Cook, however, you’ll know that whether he is competing, or at a fitness expo, his skin looks youthful and healthy.

He looks good for his age, in fact, he looks younger.

Which is unusual for people that are taking steroids.

Could it be that Steve Cook is, in fact, natural after all?

He Has Claimed To Be Natural

Like most bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

Steve doesn’t generally talk about steroids, and why would he?

One wrong word could be taken out of context and could potentially cost him sponsorships, magazine deals, interviews, and more.

He has, however, been quoted as saying that he wants to go down in history as being a bodybuilder that was able to build an amazing physique naturally.

Steve Cook: Steroids Or Natural?

He Competed In The NPC

The NPC claims to be a natural organization.

And while they do test their athletes, the testing protocol is a bit of a farce.

Athletes are tested AFTER a contest.

So they know exactly when the test is coming.

This allows them enough time to plan a cycle so that the steroids will be out of their systems after they have competed.

Not only that, but they are very lax with their testing and don’t always test athletes at all.

Some would argue that Steve has to have been natural when competing as he was drug tested.

But you can see if he had chosen to use steroids.

He could have done so and still easily passed a drug test with a little careful planning.

This neither proves that Steve used steroids.

Or that he didn’t use steroids.

But it just shows that not all drug tests are created equally.

No signs of steroid use

As mentioned, Steve has no flushed skin, no gyno, no acne.

And he hasn’t suddenly blown up in the space of a few months.

In fact, he is smaller now than he was a decade or so ago.


Based on the evidence listed above, we believe that Steve Cook is, in fact, a natty.

If he is running anything, it is likely a very mild dose of HGH and perhaps Test.

If he was ever on steroids.

We believe that that would have been when he was back in college playing football.

Although again, there is no real evidence to suggest that he ever was.

It appears as if Steve may simply be blessed with great genetics and a strong work ethic.

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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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