Steven Cao: Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Last edited: April 13, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

The world of bodybuilding, and the fitness industry.

In general, is changing at an astonishing pace.

In the past, it was the 270-pound mass monsters that dominated the stage.

And it was these guys that were featured on magazine covers.

And it was these guys that got the huge sponsorship deals with supplement companies.

The smaller guys didn’t get a look in.

As the years went by, however, bodybuilding fans began to grow tired of the HGH growth guts.

And the unnaturally huge bodybuilders that looked like they could collapse at any minute.

Fans started to pine for the aesthetics of the golden age of bodybuilding.

Which is why the classic physique division at the Olympia, proved so incredibly popular.

All of a sudden, thanks to social media.

Relatively unknown bodybuilders who were still fresh and young were able to market themselves and build their own fan bases.

Being able to market themselves meant that the supplement companies and the athletic apparel suppliers went to them.

Rather than the other way around.

One prime example of this is with youngster Steven Cao.

Who are just 23 years of age!

He is a social media phenomenon with one of the best physiques in the industry.

That’s why, today, we are going to be looking at is Steven Cao on steroids, or is he natural?

As he looks so awesome, he is often accused of taking steroids.

But are these accusations warranted?

Here’s a better look at Steven, and his hugely impressive physique.

The content you are about to read is based purely on speculation on our part and is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only.

We do not condone steroids nor do we recommend anybody use them without prescription.

Steroids are very dangerous and potentially fatal.

However, we certainly are not going to cast judgment on those that use them either.

We have no idea whether Steven Cao ever used steroids.

And we probably never will.

What we are going to do today, however, is look at whether we THINK he MAY have used steroids.

Or if he could be using them, based on his overall physique.

Let’s try to find out.

Who Is Steven Cao?

Steven Cao is a fitness model and bodybuilder who has turned himself into a social media megastar.

He is one of the most recognized faces, and physiques, in the fitness industry.

Which is amazing considering he is so young.

Because he has been able to build such an amazing physique.

And because he has such a huge following.

Steven managed to land sponsorship deals with two of the biggest names in the fitness industry as he is sponsored by BPI Sports.

And Gym Shark and joined the team, such as Matt Ogus.

Steven has one of the most aesthetic physiques in the industry and has a V-Taper that a prime Arnold himself would be proud of.

When he isn’t dominating the stage.

Steven also works as an online personal trainer.

Where he has been able to help clients all over the globe, build physiques to be proud of.

Steven has won multiple shows already.

Despite being just 23 years of age, and now he has his sights set on earning his pro card.

Keep a lookout at the Nationals, as that is where he will soon be competing.

With the ultimate goal of landing his pro card and becoming one of the youngest pro bodybuilders ever.

He stands at 5ft 10 inches tall and weighs around 180 pounds on stage and 195 pounds off-season.

He is, however, constantly shredded as his body fat typically stays between 4% and 8% all year long, depending on whether he is bulking or cutting.

Early Life

Having shown an interest in many sports.

Basketball was actually his first love.

Steven was a promising player, though at only 5ft 10 inches in height.

And weighing around 130 pounds, 16-year-old Steven knew that his size was letting him down.

He couldn’t do anything about his height.

But he could do something about his strength and his weight.

He started to go to the gym and lift weights.

And he made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.

He continued with basketball and lifting but soon found that he actually enjoyed lifting weights in the gym more than the sport of basketball itself.

As he saw his muscles growing and his strength increasing.

His confidence started to increase as well!

Steven lifted aimlessly at 16, and although he improved.

He certainly didn’t know what he was doing.

He started to read up and look for help and advice and focussed more on his diet.

When he cleaned up his diet, that is when he really started to notice the improvements to his physique.

Steven decided he wanted to compete, and he started to really beast himself in the gym.

Things were going great and his prep was well on point until he suffered a hernia while lifting.

This was a serious injury that required surgery.

It left him on the sidelines for a number of months.

But 3 months later he was back in the gym and was determined to compete.

He entered his very first show the John Kemper Classic, where he took first place.

Since then he has competed at a much higher level at the NPC Nationals.

Where he has finished a very respectable 5th!

The Sky is the limit for Steven, though, because he looks so awesome.

It does beg the question of is Steven Cao natural or not.

Steven Cao: Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Steroid Accusations

Most people in their early twenties are just finishing up with college/uni etc, are working part-time, and are out partying with their buddies most weekends.

Steven, however, is in the gym, is eating chicken and broccoli.

And is working as an online personal trainer for clients all over the world.

He looks amazing and is in better shape than people that have been training for two decades or more.

Because he has so much muscle and such great vascularity with low body fat percentages.

People often accuse him of using steroids to achieve his freaky condition.

Now, it could be that he is juicing.

But it could be that these people are nothing but jealous haters and internet trolls.

Who resent him for being successful.

So, which is it?

Well, let us try and figure this out.

Is Steven Cao On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Right, well, we’ve looked at Steven and his impressive physique.

So it is now time for us to take a look at whether or not we think he is on steroids or whether he is natural.

Here are some pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use on Steven’s part:

He Doesn’t Claim To Be Natural

This is interesting because a lot of young bodybuilders and fitness models will low-key claim to be natural.

They won’t create a lengthy press-release on why they’re natural and drug-free.

But they will do things like using t hashtags such as #Natty such as Mike O'hearn who is always doing this, or something similar.

Steven, however, doesn’t do that, despite the fact that he is so active on social media.

The reason this is interesting is that those that don’t bring steroids up are often those hoping to avoid the topic altogether.

Steven, however, gets accused of taking steroids virtually every single day online.

He responded to haters online before.

But he has never denied taking steroids and he has never claimed to be natural.

It could be that he just doesn’t want to give the trolls the satisfaction.

Or it could be that he doesn’t want to be considered a hypocrite if he is indeed using steroids.

His Transformation

Perhaps one of the most effective ways of seeing whether or not somebody is using steroids or not is to take a look at how they used to look years ago when they looked different from how they look now.

If a guy has been lifting for six years, and he has perhaps lost 10 pounds of fat.

While building 10 pounds of muscle.

That is very reasonable for a 6-year transformation.

If, however, they looked the same for several years.

Then all of a sudden they become ripped while packing on 30 pounds of muscle in the space of a few months, this could indicate steroid use.

So, how about Steven?

Well, don’t forget he is just 23, and many 23-year olds look very different from how they used to look at 16.

Even so, however, Steven looks like an entirely different person.

At 16 when he was lifted.

He was skinny-fat, he had narrow shoulders and spaghetti arms.

In his transformation pictures.

However, he looks like a completely different person aged just 21.

He gained more than 50 pounds of muscle.

While actually burning fat and getting a great deal more ripped and defined.

If you remember how big you used to be at 16, and how big you were at 21 when going to the gym.

You probably would not have managed to gain that amount of size in 5 years.

That’s 10 pounds of muscle per year, for five years, while not only staying lean but actually getting leaner and more defined.

We know that in order to build muscle, a caloric surplus must be achieved.

As you can’t build muscle without taking in more calories than you can burn off.

Steven, however, apparently did exactly that.

But did he do it naturally?

Steven Cao: Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Large Delts and Traps

If you want to gauge whether or not a bodybuilder could be using steroids.

All you have to do is take a look at their shoulders and traps.

The deltoids and trapezius muscles contain the most androgen receptors in the body.

These receptors, therefore, are the first to respond to androgenic anabolic steroids.

This is why steroid users often find themselves with huge 3D deltoids and bulky trap muscles.

Steven definitely has 3D-looking delts.

And his traps appear to have gotten bigger too.

Now, it could simply be that Steven stepped up his deltoid training and took his shrug game to a whole other level.

Or perhaps it could be due to the fact that he may have taken anabolic androgenic steroids to help boost his physique.

He Blew Up When He Was 18

Steven Cao is a very smart young man.

Experts always advise steroid users to wait until they are 18 years of age, as that is when they reach full maturity.

Steven claims that he didn’t really start getting bigger until he was 18, as that is when he says he learned how to train.

He could be telling the truth, though many skeptics believe that he may have to wait until he was 18 before he started using steroids.

Which would explain why he put on so much size.

And why he has continued to grow, since that age.

So, is Steven Cao On Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Based on all of the evidence listed above, as well as what we know about Steven and about steroids in general.

We believe that Steven is on steroids.

We think that he waited until he was 18 before running his first cycle.

And we believe that since then, he has continued to use them.

Testosterone is the likely culprit for a start.

And it's one of the best steroids to take.

Gaining 50 pounds of muscle, no matter how old you are, is no easy task.

Steven also doesn’t have any noticeable side-effects like acne or gyno.

So again, Test could be ideal because side-effects are minimal.

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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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