Strongman diet vs bodybuilder diet

Strongman 12.000kcal Swaps Diet With The Bodybuilders 3.000kcal For One Day


Eddie Hall Switched up the daily food with a bodybuilder for 1 day.

Matt from the “Mattdoesfitness” is English YouTuber, and he does fitness shenanigans.

Eddie Hall is a beast, he is a 500kg deadlift record holder, 6 times UK’s Strongest Man, 5 times Britain’s Strongest Man and 1-time World’s Strongest Man.

You can say that Eddie Hall is a fairly strong man.


Matt and Eddie met up for a social experiment in a YouTube video for a Strongman training session and to swap their caloric intake for a day.


Comparing the regular diets to the temporary diets, Matt will be horrible overeating, and Eddie will be massively undereating.


Matt: 3 sausages, 3 bacon slices, tomatoes, 2 eggs, beans, toast, black pudding, and hash browns.

To digest all these foods, he gets Eddie’s choice of beverages for him: 2 glasses of juice and hot chocolate.

Eddie: A single, small, cheeseburger and 4 slices of jam spread on a toast.

Matt’s choice beverages for Eddie: a sugar-free latte.

After overeating and undereating their breakfast, they do some Strongman.

Though I am new to the “Mattdoesfitness” channel, Matt is a tall man and capable of lifting respectable weights.

On the other hand, Eddie is like a fish in the water when moving the weights.

Mid Workout Snacks – Strongman Diet Vs Bodybuilder diet

Eddie explains this to Matt, all the Strongman snacks during the training session.

Matt is eating and working out like a Strongman; Eddie asked him takeout.

This takeout consists of a cheese and ham toast sandwich.

On the other hand, Eddie is a fully strong bodybuilder for a day, drinking tap water.

Strongman diet vs bodybuilder diet


After the caloric burning workout, the next meal comes out, and they have to make up for their lost calories. Matt gets a bucket of fried chicken with coleslaw and fries and 2x bottles of Coca-Cola.

Eddie gets a normal size extra spicy chicken wings with hot sauce topping.

Now come to the dessert, Eddie told that he usually eats half family size cheesecake.

He orders these slices for Matt and accompanied by 3 scoops of the hot chocolate and ice cream.

As revenge, the Matt ordered Eddie’s birthday party-sized sundae, which is coupled with a double espresso.


Eddie Hall is a tricker and prankster of the massive proportions.

Yes, that was not a joke. On the other hand, Matt wants Eddie to feel suffering.

At this moment, they both are loaded and locked with the “prank” meals.

These meals are extra spicy pizzas, with Eddie eating one and Matt eating two.

Also, you can check Eddie hall and Stefi shoulders training.

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