Does Terry Crews Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Last edited: April 1, 2020
by Reda Elmardi

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Today we are going to be attempting to answer the question of is Terry Crews on steroids or natural.

If they are used correctly, anabolic steroids will allow you to pile on muscle like never before.

While simultaneously building strength and burning fat.

Yes, steroids are pretty amazing things in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

But they are not without their risks.

People have been known to die from anabolic steroid abuse.

Not to mention the fact that countless people worldwide have caused irreversible damage to their bodies through steroid abuse.

We know that steroids are dangerous, but so too is alcohol and tobacco.

And you don’t see people breaking down into mass hysteria when somebody lights up a cigarette or drinks a bottle of beer in public.

Yes, steroids are misunderstood and are unfairly demonized by the media in some instances.

Which is why we’re here to educate.

People seem to think that every big dude in the world must be using steroids to build his physique.

But that isn’t necessarily the case.

Terry Crews – the popular US actor, is often accused of using anabolic steroids.

But are these accusations unfair or justified?

Here’s a look at is Terry Crews on steroids or natural.

Legal Disclaimer

First off, before we even start to learn about big Terry.

We have to take care of the legal stuff first.

We’re not associated with Terry Crews in any way.

And we doubt we ever will be.

We, therefore, have no idea whether he has ever used steroids in his life.

And we probably never will.

We don’t have any insider info or secret proof of steroid use on Terry’s part.

We’re simply here to look at his physique and at what we know about Terry in a bid to make an educated guess as to whether he could potentially be on gear or natural.

So, just to be clear, the info contained below is pure speculation on our part and should not be taken as factual evidence for.

Or against, the use of steroids on Terry’s part.

Who Is Terry Crews

Terry Crews is now a pretty popular US actor.

Who also happens to be hilarious, zany, and pretty nuts if we’re being honest.

He is always smiling, he has an awesome sense of humor.

And he also has one of the best physiques in all of Hollywood.

When it comes to Hollywood actors and movie stars.

The biggest guy out there is probably The Rock.

There is, however, a selection of other movie stars that give him a close run for his money and Terry Crews is one of those guys.

Terry is sometimes known as the ‘Black Hulk’ due to the fact that he is seriously big and jacked.

He’s close to 50 years of age.

But don’t let that fool you, because he is still a real physical specimen to behold and he is in better shape than men twenty years younger than him.

Standing at 6ft 2 and weighing in at an average of around 235 pounds (much bigger than Michael B Jordan), there is barely an ounce of fat on Terry.

Which has led to people accusing him of using steroids to become so big and jacked!

We’ll get to that a little later on, but we’re not done yet.

As now we need to take a look back in time and find out more about Terry before he hit the big time.

Terry Crews’ Early Years

Now Terry Crews is a very popular actor in Hollywood, and he is instantly recognizable in the process.

Decades ago, however, this wasn’t the case.

Terry Crews was born in Michigan.

Which is one of the poorer states in the US!

Crime and unemployment were rife in the region.

And to say that life was tough for Terry and his family would be a vast understatement.

Sadly, Terry never really had a father figure in his life because his dad was addicted to alcohol and was abusive, violent, and distant.

Because of this, he was raised primarily by his mother.

Despite growing up in poverty in one of the roughest parts of the country.

Terry was able to stay on the straight and narrow and attended school, played sports.

And did the things that regular kids do.

He earned his diploma and received two art scholarships.

Followed by a scholarship for American Football at Western Michigan University.

Terry was a big dude in his teens, and it was clear from the get-go that he was genetically gifted and naturally athletic.

He was a very good football player – hence the scholarship, and he had aspirations of one day making it in the NFL, like a pro football player.

Football Career

In the late 80s, he played as a defensive end for the Western Michigan University football team and won numerous honors and championships.

He was renowned for his explosive speed and power and quickly started making a name for himself out on the field.

His dream of making it in the NFL soon became a reality.

As in 1991, he was drafted into the LA Rams team.

He soon made his debut for them and again, he impressed.

He would play football in the NFL from 1991 through to 1997, playing for the LA Rams, the Washington Redskins.

The San Diego Chargers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

By the late 90s, however, his focus started to shift, and he had new goals in mind.

Hollywood Aspirations

After leaving the NFL behind, Terry moved to LA in an attempt to earn a living from Hollywood.

He had long had aspirations of not only getting into acting but also about getting into the film industry in general.

As he originally wanted to secure a job working behind the cameras.

He wrote and helped fund his very own independent film one year later.

Which he credits as confirming to himself that he did indeed want to make it in the world of Hollywood.

Does Terry Crews Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?


Those of you with good memories will remember a show known as Battle Dome.

Which began in 1999 and ran until being canned in 2001.

What does that have to do with Terry Crews?

Well, he was originally one of the Battle Dome warriors.

As he played a character named T-Money.

Basically, if you think of American Gladiators on steroids.

With just a hint of pro-wrestling thrown in for good measure, that’s what Battle Dome was.

Each week, plucky contestants would do battle with the ferocious Battle Dome warriors.

In a series of physically demanding events.

T-Money was basically a typical baller.

As he would enter the Battle Dome each week.

With his entourage, wearing expensive and flashy looking velvet suits and jewelry.

He would then proceed to pretty much maul his often much-smaller competitors and defeat them in emphatic style.

The show didn’t last long, but as it was televised and was filmed in a studio.

In front of a live audience, Terry now knew how it felt to play a character.

As opposed to simply playing football as himself.

Which he had done in the years prior.


After leaving Battle Dome, Terry got an agent and landed small parts in films such as Friday After Next, Training Day, and several music videos and commercials.

He eventually landed bigger roles, starring in White Chicks.

The Longest Yard, the TV series Everybody Hates Chris, and The Expendables series, to name but a few.

He also helped make Old Spice a thing again, with some of the most creative, wacky, and hilarious TV ads you could ever imagine.

Terry Crews have appeared in many other TV shows and movies.

And even has a role in the upcoming Marvel Avengers movie.

But, enough about movies.

Let’s talk about steroids or potential steroids.

Is Terry Crews On steroids Or Natural?

Now that we know more about Terry Crews.

We’ll take a look at whether we believe he is on steroids or whether he is natural.

Here are several pieces of evidence both for, and against, potential steroid use on Terry’s part:

Natty Claims

First and foremost, to claim natty when you know you are really using steroids takes some big balls.

You see, most bodybuilders that are clearly on gear will avoid talking about steroids like the plague.

Terry, however, has publicly stated on social media.

That is 100% natural and drug-free.

He claims to use vitamins.

But certainly no steroids or illegal drugs.

He Isn’t enormous

Sure, at over 6ft 2 and around 230 pounds, Terry Crews is a big guy.

He is big, but he has worked out pretty much all his adult life.

And he clearly has superior genetics.

With the right training and the right diet, most experts agree that getting Terry’s size and condition naturally, is a very real possibility.

He Takes His Health Seriously

Bodybuilders generally are not too healthy.

They eat a lot, they take in a lot of protein.

Their organs are under pressure, as are their joints.

What’s more, if they take steroids, they are under even more pressure still.

Terry Crews, however, is one of the most health-conscious men in all of Hollywood.

He goes running every single day, he plays sports.

He eats right, and he is a big advocate of cardio, as he believes that not enough bodybuilders take their cardio seriously enough.

Terry also consumes health supplements and green tea and practices intermittent fasting.

Bodybuilders on steroids know that steroids can be dangerous, yet they use them anyways.

This doesn’t seem like the kind of approach to health and well-being that Terry would adopt, as it is clear that he values his health.

He's Very Lean

Terry Crews is very lean pretty much all year round.

He has visible ABS and great amounts of definition.

Which creates the illusion of somebody being larger than they actually are.

If Terry were to gain 20 pounds of body fat.

Ironically, he would look smaller and less-muscular, as he would lose his definition.

As we mentioned beforehand, Terry takes his health very seriously and watches what he eats, drinks green tea, and does a lot of cardio as well as lifting.

What’s more, with IF, or intermittent fasting.

He knows exactly how to keep his body fat percentages under control.

Whereas some bodybuilders would use Clenbuterol or Winstrol to burn fat and stay lean.

We don’t think that’s the case with big Terry.

He’s Not Vascular

When you see Terry shirtless and trust us, he takes his top off any chance he gets.

You’ll see that he is very lean and is probably just about in single-digit body fat percentages.

For most bodybuilders on gear, once they get that lean because steroids boost circulation and promote vascularity.

Their veins pop out like never before.

With Terry, however, no matter how lean he gets.

He has very minimal amounts of vascularity.

Again, this would be unusual if he was on steroids.

Even though genetics do affect vascularity massively.

So, is Terry Crews On Steroids Or Natural?

Based on the evidence listed above.

even though Terry Crews is a very big dude.

With great conditions, we believe that he is natural.

Yes, we know he’s bigger than average.

But it is certainly possible to get to his size naturally without the use of anabolic steroids.

What’s more, as he has been working out for many decades now.

It’s not like his transformation suddenly came out of the blue.

So, to be clear, we believe that Terry Crews built his body naturally, just as he claims.



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About the Author

Reda Elmardi is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

About Reda Elmardi

Reda is an ACE Certified Nutritionist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt and bodybuilder with 11 years of experience. He's been published on many influential websites such as, Wealthy Gorilla, Good Men Project and more.

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