Thor Bjornsson 400kg deadlift

Thor Bjornsson Makes Easy Work Of Giant 400kg Deadlift Triple, Sets Sights on 501kg Goal


Here we are talking about Thor Bjornsson, beats amazing 400kg/881lb deadlift for three reps.

Thor Bjornsson making the heavy 400kg deadlift triple super easy and aims for 501kg weight.

Thor Bjornsson 400kg deadlift

Well, it seems super challenging, but by his recent Instagram post, it doesn’t seem so.

He is doing everything so effortless and amazingly.

Let’s see whether he will be able to do so, and how much workout he may need to do to achieve this. Let’s discuss the details

Thor Bjornsson has been working hard to achieve the great goals of lofty deadlifting.

However, during this process, Thor did a weighty deadlift set.

As 2019 was a great year for the Icelandic Strongman, so Bjornsson as tiring his best to beat and turn things around in 2020. And somehow it feels he really did too.

He got his 3rd straight Arnold Strongman Classic Victory earlier this month.

He did an amazing job in the competition, and he has been irresistible and beatable in the gym.

His recent Instagram post showed that he has been working hard on improving his deadlift.

He managed to blow out an 881lb triple, and it felt like he was doing nothing.

On his Instagram post, he has explained everything about his workout and the process to train for the bigger goal.

Thor Bjornsson Makes Easy Work Of Giant 400kg Deadlift Triple

Thor plans to do deadlift by next month.

Well, it seems quite difficult, but surely he is going to do, and we hope he will be able to achieve it.

Thor has been working super hard towards his amazing goal for a while. But things start to pick up for him. It seems that all his workout is going to pay off him, and one day he will get a massive win.

However, if he will be able to hit that 501kg lift, then trust me, this would be the best and heaviest deadlift of all times.

He is working hard, and it seems that he would be able to achieve this.

Anyhow, we should not say anything ahead, but his determination and passion for the gym are showing that he is going to beat it.

If you want to learn more about him and his results, then stay connected with us. Hopefully, we will share all the latest information about Bjornson and his workout.

We wish Bjornsson good luck for his superb workout so far!

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