Does Ulisses Jr Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Does Ulisses Jr Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?


Today we’re going to be looking at a rather controversial subject.

As we are going to be looking at steroids.

Specifically, we’re going to be looking at the question of “Does Ulisses Jr take steroids or is he natural”.

Ulisses Jr has one of the most amazing physiques in the fitness industry.

And this has resulted in some people accusing him of having used steroids.

We don’t know for sure whether he has or hasn’t.

But we’re going to attempt to find out.

Before that, however, let’s talk about the problem with bodybuilding.

You see, bodybuilding is not just a sport or a hobby.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, and the more you put into it, the more you get out.

If you want a quick fix, to help you build a body to be proud of.

Bodybuilding isn’t for you.

People think that anabolic steroids can provide you with a quick fix but that’s not true either.

You see, people have been taking steroids to improve their physiques for decades.

And that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

You can’t take steroids and just sit on your ass and watch your muscles grow.

You still need to work hard.

Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder that knows all about hard work.

But is Ulisses Jr natural or not.

Legal disclaimer

Before we proceed any further with this article.

We first need to get the legal stuff out of the way.

The content found in this article is based purely on speculation on our parts and should not be taken as factual.

We are in no way associated with Ulisses Jr and we probably never will be.

We have no access to his personal info or his medical history.

And we certainly don’t know for sure whether he has, or hasn’t, used steroids to build his amazing physique.

The aim of this article is to look at Ulisses and to look at certain pieces of evidence both for.

And against, potential steroid use on his part.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

Let’s address the question of does Ulisses Jr takes steroids or is he natural.

Who Is Ulisses Jr?

Ulisses Jr is one of the most recognized bodybuilders and fitness models in recent history.

He has also found himself the target of a lot of abuse as of late.

As he has found himself entangled in asteroids row.

You see, Ulisses Jr claimed to be a natural bodybuilder for years.

He was an inspiration to natural bodybuilders all over the globe.

And he gave them hope.

Surely there was hope for natural bodybuilding if you could build a physique like Ulisses’.

Without using anabolic steroids.

Well, perhaps not exactly.

You see, recently there has been a lot of accusations of steroid use on Ulisses’ part.

And he hasn’t exactly denied these claims.

Now, this doesn’t exactly prove anything.

But it certainly casts doubt, but more on that later.

Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder, fitness model, social media fitness icon.

And a personal trainer with a reputation for having one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques on the face of the earth.

Now At 35 years old, Ulisses Jr just seems to be getting better and better with age.

He has competed in countless bodybuilding competitions in the past with Simeon Panda, Lazar Angelov, and Sergi Constance.

And has taken many first-place finishes.

He is also a sponsored athlete and has graced the cover of many fitness magazines.

Ulisses is renowned for his amazing condition and his small waist.

On paper his stats are impressive, but nothing amazing.

He stands at 5ft 10.

And weighs in at an average of 210 lbs.

His weight will generally fluctuate up or down.

Depending on whether he is dieting or bulking.

He typically walks around at 5 – 7% body fat.

Even when bulking, so as you can imagine.

He does look pretty shredded.

Because he looks so awesome, however, people have been quick to accuse him of using steroids.

Ulisses Jr Physique

Ulisses Jr has one of the most desirable bodies in the world.

He is muscular, he is ripped to shreds.

And he has an 8 pack set of ABS that most men would kill for.

When you look at his physique.

It’s clear that he is not your typical mass-monster bodybuilder.

Some bodybuilders out there are simply obsessed with gaining as much size as they possibly can.

And will, therefore, jump on steroid cycles containing very powerful steroids.

Which is one of the famous oral anabolic steroids!

It’s clear that Ulisses Jr is not your typical carpet carrying, no-neck bodybuilder.

If he wore clothes and stood next to an IFBB pro.

He would look average at best.

He is giving up a good 70 or 80 pounds in weight to them, perhaps even more.

And would definitely show.

If, however, he stripped off, he would easily be able to hang with them in terms of condition.

You see, Ulisses Jr is in freaky shape.

It’s easy to say that about people with impressive physiques.

But Ulisses Jr really is in freaky shape.

He is constantly ripped, he is big and powerful.

And he seems to get slightly bigger with each passing year.

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking he was a natural, especially when compared with IFBB pros that are 60 pounds or more, heavier than him.

However, not all steroids are created equally and some are less powerful than others.

There are guys out there that have tested positive for steroids that look, average at best.

Then there are guys that look as if they are on gear, that has passed countless tests and therefore is natural.

The moral of the story here is to not always believe what you see with your own two eyes.

Ulisses looks amazing, and he could be natural as he claimed.

Or it could be that he has used, or is using steroids.

To build up his body and maintain his condition.

So, does Ulisses Jr take steroids or is he natural?

We can sit and talk about how somebody could be natural or on gear until the cows come home (whatever that means?)

But without any evidence to back up these assumptions.

We would simply be wasting our breath.

To help us decide whether or not Ulisses Jr could be using steroids or not.

We are now going to take a look at some pieces of evidence, both for, and against, potential steroid use on his part.

He Claimed To Be Natty

To begin with, we’ll start with what we know for certain.

For many years, Ulisses Jr claimed to be natty.

In fact, he was adamant that he was a natural bodybuilder and would often respond to trolls on social media calling him out for using steroids in their eyes.

He would shut them down and talk about how he was able to build his body through hard work and dedication.

He even had ‘natural bodybuilder’ on his Instagram bio where he has millions of followers.

Notice how we used ‘had’ in the past-tense there?

There’s a reason for that, and we’ll get to it a little later on.

Anybody can claim to be natty.

In fact, anybody can claim to be anything.

There are guys out there that claim to be Reptiles from another planet, but that doesn’t make it true.

For Ulisses to make such a bold claim.

However, and to draw attention to the fact that steroids are on people’s minds.

He would have to be very brave or pretty stupid as most bodybuilders on gear simply keep their heads down and their mouths shut and avoid talking about steroids like the plague.


He Was A Tested Bodybuilder

Another piece of evidence that does suggest Ulisses maybe natty after all.

Is the fact that he was a tested bodybuilder.

When he was dominating the stages, he competed as a Musclemania athlete like Chul soon and Brad Castleberry.

Now, before you take this as proof he is competing naturally.

We first need to talk about Musclemania.

In reality, Musclemania’s drug-testing policies are about as reliable as a politician’s word.

Musclemania does test its athletes, that much is true.

But the problem is that they always test them after they step off the stage and have competed.

The idea behind random drug testing, like many legitimate sports, perform.

It is the fact that you could literally be tested at any time.

So you can’t risk using steroids because the next day you could be tested.

What’s more, you could be tested on Monday and two days later you could be tested again.

It’s random, so you can’t plan a cycle.

Knowing when you will be tested gives you a huge advantage because you can simply plan your cycle so that all of the gear has left your system by the time you finish your show.

Sure, you will still have all of the muscle you built.

But the drugs will be out of your system and therefore they won’t show up when you are tested.

Basically, a Musclemania drug test is easier to get past than a third-grade spelling bee.


We’ve heard of muscle maturity and things like that.

But Ulisses Jr takes this to a whole new level.

There are pictures of Ulisses as a teen.

And he is in very good shape there.

He is defined and is carrying a little muscle.

Then there are pictures of Ulisses in his 20s.

A decade later or so, and he looks to have gained a good 20 pounds or so.

He is bigger and more defined and he looks very good.

Then there are recent pics of him in his 30s.

Where he looks amazing.

He looks to have gained yet another 20 pounds of muscle, while simultaneously shedding plenty of body fat in the process.

He is ripped and in amazing shape.

Now, it could be that this transformation was through tweaking his diet and training.

But the most likely answer to this is that he perhaps decided to jump on a cycle.

And, not the two-wheeled kind.

Does Ulisses Jr Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Signs of Gyno

If you want to get an idea of whether or not a guy is on steroids.

Or if he has ever used steroids, just check out his nipples.

Yes, we know that that sounds very creepy and weird, but stick with us.

A side-effect of steroid use is gynecomastia.

Where men basically grow breast tissue.

This is caused by aromatizing enzymes in the steroids causing testosterone to aromatize and convert into Estrogen.

Estrogen then results in the growth of breast tissue.

Usually, men suffering from Gyno will have puffy nipples, even if they are shredded.

Imagine a ripped physique with a tiny blob of fat under the nipples and that’s what gyno usually looks like.

Ulisses is ripped, yet he does appear to have a little gyno on his chest.

However, it is worth noting that Gyno can also be caused by fluctuations in hormone levels.

Which is why many teenagers suffer from it for a while when going through puberty.

Weight training boosts testosterone, even if you train naturally.

So this could be why Ulisses’ nipples do look a little swollen and puffy.

Does Ulisses Jr Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

He No Longer Claims Natty?

Notice how we said that Ulisses used to claim natty on his Instagram bio?

Well, the reason for the use of the past tense is because he doesn’t anymore.

Now, for no obvious reason.

He removed the sentence mentioned that he is a natural bodybuilder.

It could be that he was sick of being accused of using steroids.

Or it could be an admission of guilt?

Final Thoughts:

Based on the findings above, we believe that Ulisses Jr is taking steroids to improve his physique.

If he is, it’s clear he is on low doses and isn’t running anything powerful.

But we believe he looks too good.

Too consistently, to not be running gear.

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