Van Damme home workout

Jean Claude Van Damme Teaches Lessons For At-Home Workouts


Jean Claude is sharing his amazing at-home workout routine!

Home workouts are the best to have a good time during the quarantine.

People are left to find the best workout plans that can help them to stay fit during COVID-19.

Where everyone is doing his best to come up with a unique idea, the famous Hollywood star— Jean Claude Van Damme is also working hard to contribute during these days.

Van Damme home workout

He has introduced a series of lessons to help people train at home.

His amazing roles in the ’80s and ’90s have greatly inspired generations of people to grow up with a great spirit.

Jean Claude Van Damme has been one of the best actors in Hollywood.

He looked amazing and still looks jacked at the age of 59 years.

It’s all because of his hard work and stamina that he has maintained during these years.

But the best thing he has done is he has started sharing his experience with all of his fans.

You can find his impressive workout routine on his YouTube channel.

He has broken down a series of different workouts you can do at home there, which can help you build muscle and increase your flexibility.

Jean Claude Van Damme Home Workout

In each of his videos, he has done an amazing job by giving importance to the movement.

In his videos, the first thing he teaches is to work on your hips and back.

These parts are the most crucial parts of your body.

Undoubtedly, if you follow all these workouts, then surely you can surely have the best time during your quarantine.

Posture And Back Flexibility

Train with Van Damme - Lesson 1 [1/5]

Shoulder And Back Flexibility

Train with Van Damme - Lesson 1 [2/5]

Shoulders And Chest Mobility, Breathing

Train with Van Damme - Lesson 1 [3/5]


Train with Van Damme - Full Lesson 1 [5/5]

You can find the most valuable information about fitness.

He has focused on good stretches while using exercising at home.

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